Ricciardo rates chances of racing Max online as ‘slim’

Mark Scott


Daniel Ricciardo has said his chances of racing Max Verstappen online are “slim”, saying he will spend all day doing it if he does.

Ricciardo has been spending lockdown back home on the farm in Australia, but those who are missing seeing him in at least some form of racing action are going to have to wait.

His former Red Bull team-mate has entered a whole host of online racing series to try and help keep the rust away, but Ricciardo can’t see himself joining him.

“Slim, I’d say [in tackling Max online],” Ricciardo told Australia’s The New Daily.

“He’s all about the sim stuff. I wanna say he’s spending more than 50 per cent of his waking day on one. So yeah, I’m not there [against him].

“I just know with my competitive nature, if I got one, I’m going to be spending hours on it a day.

“And before you know, I’m missing training sessions, racing these sims and I feel that the training is more productive.

“I’m very self-motivated. I would say most times I even prefer training alone. I’d love to go running alone and just getting my own space, listen to music and get in my zone.

“I’m missing the racing and I’ve got that bug in me that I just want to go again, so I’m staying ready and, and that’s kind of my driving purpose.”

If Ricciardo does have a productive day, he treats himself to a bit of Netflix.

“If we have a good day training, it is nice to just put a TV show on and indulge in a season of Ozark.

“Now there’s The Last Dance on. I grew up a Michael Jordan fan, so that’s certainly appealing for me.

“But otherwise, I think I’m quite lucky to be on the farm. I’m not locked in an apartment just with only really my phone or the internet as an escape.

“I’ve even tried to introduce some phone detox days, where you don’t really use your phone because hours can go by and I don’t really want to get indulged too much in that.”

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