Ricciardo glad to still be fighting for something

Jamie Woodhouse
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo glad to still have something to fight for in 2020.

Daniel Ricciardo is happy to still have a battle on his hands in both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships with three races to go.

The teams and drivers are now preparing for the first of two races in Bahrain with the Bahrain GP kicking-off the triple-header which will conclude the 2020 season.

And Ricciardo, currently P6 in the Drivers’ Championship, is still firmly in the hunt for P4, while any points he scores will be vital to Renault’s efforts to reclaim P3 in the Constructors’ standings as they battle with McLaren, Racing Point and Ferrari for that spot.

“It’s cool to still have something like that to fight for,” he told reporters in Bahrain.

“I’m obviously fighting for top our in the Drivers’ [Championship], and we as a team are fighting for top three in the Constructors’.

“Obviously the World title fight is done, but there is still a pretty good one and I think it’s going to keep the fans entertained.

“And Ferrari having a good weekend in Turkey has brought them back in to the mix, so literally there are four teams that can finish third and I think that’s pretty cool.”

Renault have certainly progressed throughout the season in terms of performance, but Ricciardo is especially impressed with how the French manufacturer have managed to become an all-rounder and challenge at a range of circuits.

“It’s come on really well and I think already in Austria even though we didn’t have a massive result in any of those two races I felt like the car was a car that really could perform well on particular tracks this year,” he explained.

“But I guess where it surprised us really as a team was the scope of tracks that we’ve been able to get results on, and qualifying up the front, fighting up the front, it’s something I missed for sure and doing it regularly it feels good.

“Looking back on the season now I think it’s gone really well, but these three to go will be so important and it could change from Constructors’ third to Constructors’ sixth.

“So that depending on where we finish will really give the true answer to how the season has gone but we’re definitely in it.”

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Ricciardo understandably is excited for the final three races, and since they will be his last with Renault before moving to McLaren he admitted that he wants to tick off the Renault box in style.

“I’m excited to finish these last three in a good way, and I was just excited to come to a warm climate after Turkey,” he explained.

“I was pretty miserable in Turkey, it was so cold, but I’m really excited to end this one out. It’s always a bit emotional moving on and leaving your team, it’s inevitable that you build relationships.

“Truth is I get on with pretty much everyone who is wearing yellow.

“But I want to tick this box the right way, finish strong, give everyone a cuddle and get on to ’21.”

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