Ricciardo left to rue his ‘Seb spin’

Michelle Foster
Daniel Ricciardo Renault

Daniel Ricciardo Renault

Daniel Ricciardo was left to regret his ‘Seb spin’ that put an end to his efforts of scoring points at the 70th Anniversary GP.

Racing Carlos Sainz for position at the Silverstone circuit, Ricciardo tried to mimic his former team-mate Sebastian Vettel by spinning his Renault.

The ‘Seb spin’, as the Aussie dubbed it, is a specific type of spin, one in which you’re the inside car and you don’t touch another car and you still spin.

Vettel did it, or a variation of it, on the opening lap of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix on Sunday while Ricciardo tried one of his own later in the race.

“I caught Seb in the media pen and I feel like this is, unfortunately for him, the last few years it’s a bit of a ‘Seb spin’ when you’re the inside car and soon as you get on throttle you just you lose it,” he said via RaceFans.net.

“He did it with me in Austin in 2018.

“It’s one I don’t think I’ve experienced yet.

“I could see Carlos [Sainz] and you’re trying to obviously squeeze a little bit but not have contact. And then as soon as I opened the wheel and got on throttle, it just went around.

“I think when you’re such in close vicinity to another car on that side angle, you lose a chunk of downforce that’s normally coming in from that side and I guess keeping the car down.

“So I think it’s just a very quick loss of downforce and it can obviously catch you out.”

The spin ended Ricciardo’s hopes of salvaging a point on a day in which he had high expectations.

Starting fifth on the grid, Ricciardo reckons Renault stopped too early and put the wrong tyre on the car, opting for a set of mediums instead of hards.

The spin just ended what was a bad afternoon.

“It was a little bit of salt in the wounds,” he said. “By that point, we were already on the back foot. I don’t want to say it was over, but then with that, it was.

“I just wanted to just roll over a little bit and just put my head down. Not a fun afternoon in the end.”

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