Daniel Ricciardo launches ‘f**k’-laden tirade after DRS problem in Sao Paulo

Sam Cooper
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo finished P9 despite having good pace in the car.

Daniel Ricciardo let out an expletive-filled tirade after he failed to finish within the points during the Sao Paulo sprint race.

The outburst, which used the F-word on multiple occasions and was aimed at himself rather than the team, came over the radio shortly after he crossed the finish line in ninth place.

Pre-race, Ricciardo had hoped to break AlphaTauri’s duck in sprints this year but the fact that it was Yuki Tsunoda and not him to do that showed how much pace the car had.

Daniel Ricciardo points out DRS detection problem

Ricciardo had a very eventful 24 laps around Interlagos with the Australian first battling Carlos Sainz for P8 and then finding himself at risk to Oscar Piastri behind.

Having eventually gotten ahead of the Ferrari on the straight, he lost the place through the track’s more twisty section but as he did, Piastri found enough room to move past.

Ricciardo was unable to make up the lost ground, finishing ahead of Piastri but behind Sainz in P9.

Afterwards, the usually happy Australian let his thoughts be known over the team radio.

“F**k, f**k, f**K, sorry guys,” Ricciardo said.

His race engineer Pierre Hamelin replied “Shame for sure but anyway, it was still a good improvement.”

Ricciardo then said “It’s just that f**king DRS into turn 2, you pass it and you just get f**ked. It’s impossible, anyway I’ll shut up, sorry guys.”

After he had calmed down and got out of the car, Ricciardo suggested what it was about the DRS that was bothering him.

“The DRS line, the second detection line is…every time I pass in Turn 1, I basically wave him back pass for Turn 4 for so that was extremely frustrating,” Ricciardo said. “But I didn’t really feel I could do much more because obviously trying to pass someone but I never got rewarded.

“Fighting and getting in a battle for quite a few laps then allowed Oscar and I think a couple others behind us to start closing in. I left the door open in [Turn] 8 so that’s my fault. Let Oscar by and we lost a few tenths behind him.

“Got him back, caught Carlos again and then a lap to go we were out on our arse.”

Ricciardo has his work cut out for him in Sunday’s race as he starts from P17 on the grid, one spot behind his team-mate.