Daniel Ricciardo under fire for ‘noise and distractions’ answer to Christian Horner investigation

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Daniel Ricciardo VCARB launch photo.

Daniel Ricciardo will continue with VCARB for the 2024 F1 season

F1 stalwart Matt Bishop has called out Daniel Ricciardo for his “noise and distractions” answer for damaging his own reputation as he doesn’t pay heed in the Christian Horner saga.

Although Red Bull team boss Horner saw his investigation dismissed by the F1 team’s parent company into allegations regarding his behaviour in the workforce, the Briton is by no means out of the headlines.

‘Right now a lot of noise and distractions, there’s no doubt…’

An email claiming to contain information into the investigation was released not even 24 hours after Red Bull GmbH’s investigation was dismissed, that followed by star driver Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, calling for his resignation.

Having used the word “unity” often in the proceeding days, Verstappen’s comments coupled with Max Verstappen supporting his father as “not a liar”, have cast doubt over Red Bull’s cohesion.

Ricciardo, a Red Bull junior with the RB team, has now been dragged in the mix.

Speaking to RTBFsport before the Saudi Arabian GP week, he was asked about ‘these dirty things’ destabilising Red Bull.

His non-answer was: “You always want things to be smoother than they are. Right now a lot of noise and distractions, there’s no doubt.

The way they performed last week… you would think for them to be able to still focus on business on track That is a big strength of this.

“So, yeah, hopefully these things start to slowly go away, and they can just focus on being a race team. But of course, for the drivers as well it’s not always easy, but I think they did. A good job in handling this.”

He, though, has been called out on that by former McLaren and Aston Martin chief communications officer.

Pointing to a previous answer of Ricciardo’s, relating to F1 racing in Saudi Arabian with its human rights issues, Bishop wrote on X: “He’s done this before. Watch this clip in which he ‘discusses’ Saudi Arabia.

“I think his problem is that he isn’t interested in media work so he doesn’t pay much heed to media advisers. But he should do, because ignoring them damages him reputationally.”

Ricciardo’s answer to F1 in Saudi: “I think it’s important if you know the situation and you know what you’re talking about.

“To be honest, like, I never really don’t watch the news and some people say oh, that’s a bit ignorant but I choose not to watch it because let’s say a lot of the time it is people like drama, they like negativity and it’s not really…. I don’t watch the news and feel better about my day.

“So I choose not to watch it.

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“But I try to understand a little bit the situation on places we go but let’s say it’s not my it’s not in my nature to really understand a lot about this, and maybe I am as I said, a bit ignorant.

“But look I know obviously there’s some people who said it’s a little bit maybe interesting why we come here, but I know that when I arrived last night out of the first maybe five people that came up and saw me and said hello or took a photo, two of them said it is my dream that Formula 1 come here.

“They really seem happy and passionate to have it here, it’s like anywhere we go, if we bring, let’s say some joy to a nation, to a place, to a city, then that at the very least is positive.

“So if we can have this effect, then I think that’s a good outcome.”

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