F1 race ‘not a priority’ for Danish government

Michelle Foster
F1 is 'not a priority' for Danish government

F1 is 'not a priority' for Danish government

Formula 1 is “not a priority” for the Danish government, that’s according to Minister for Industry and Business Simon Kollerup.

Kollerup’s predecessor, Helge Sander, was keen to bring Formula 1 to Denmark.

While Copenhagen was his first choice for a street race, he also looked at both Aalborg and Roskild for a venue for a Formula 1 track.

“The Formula One organisation mandated me to explore the possibilities, and I was in contact with a number of cities,” he told BT.

“Two of them – Aalborg and Roskilde – were realistic, and there was both municipal support and specific interest from private investors but such a big project also requires government support.”

And that won’t be coming any time soon.

According to the new Minister for Industry and Business, Kollerup, F1 is not a priority.

In a letter to Sander, seen by the Danish publication, he explained: “In relation to the holding of Formula 1 in Denmark, this is a project that is both complex and risky and which will require broad support from many including broad political support.”

But, he added: “The project is not a priority for the government right now.

“I’m glad that we have dedicated people who are passionate about bringing big events to Denmark but the time is not right for a Formula One race.”

Sander isn’t impressed.

“Of course, it’s incredibly disappointing,” he said.

“Partly that the government does not prioritise it, but also that we could not even be invited for a cup of coffee [to discuss it].”

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