Coulthard: Hamilton will have ‘inner peace’ in tough spell

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton is interviewed by David Coulthard. Bahrain March 2021.

Lewis Hamilton is interviewed by David Coulthard at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Sakhir March 2021.

David Coulthard believes Lewis Hamilton’s past achievements will give him “inner peace” during Mercedes’ rough spell.

Just one podium after four races is not how Lewis Hamilton usually starts seasons but the 2022 campaign is proving to be a nightmare for both him and Mercedes at this early stage.

Seemingly unable to fully fix a porpoising issue, the team find themselves lagging behind leaders Ferrari and Red Bull but also will now be looking over their shoulder at the likes of McLaren.

Hamilton himself has seemed reflective of his own form, posting on Instagram saying he will decide when he stops, and David Coulthard believes the seven-time World Champion’s previous success will bring him an “inner peace” during this difficult spell.

“I never operated at Lewis’ level but I always wanted more,” Coulthard told


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“Whatever the team would bring, if you had to juggle chainsaws and sing the national anthem backwards, if that gave you a tenth [of a second] then you would learn how to do it.

“With Lewis, he has inner peace. He has had all that success, so that is enabling him to, not enjoy what is happening right now, but work with the team in trying to solve it.”

His team-mate meanwhile is at a different phase in his career having just joined but Coulthard reckons George Russell’s “youthful energy” will be enough to carry him through to next season.

“He’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” the former McLaren driver said.

“This is his big opportunity and that youthful energy will carry him through the next year or so as Mercedes make their comeback.

“They will be back but it’s a question of ‘Will it be this year?'”

That question has been answered by current Championship leader Charles Leclerc who believes that while race wins are likely for this season, it may be too late for a title push.

“I never write them off because they are such a strong team and they have showed it in the past,” the Ferrari driver told CNN.

“But it is also true that they are struggling since the beginning of the season and they seem to have quite big issues that will require a bit of the time before they fix them. So I don‘t know. Maybe not for the championship this year, but I am pretty sure they will win races at some time in the season.”