DC questions if Hamilton can recharge with lifestyle

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton

DC questions the toll of Lewis Hamilton's hectic lifestyle.

David Coulthard has questioned the toll in which Lewis Hamilton’s hectic lifestyle takes on his Formula 1 career.

Hamilton’s main commitment remains Formula 1, a venture of immense success with seven World Championships, 98 wins and 100 pole positions.

These tallies will likely continue to grow, but outside of Formula 1 the Briton has also become highly active in other interests like fashion, music, Extreme E and vegan fast food chain Neat Burger.

Hamilton also recently posted footage of his sky diving training on social media, so it is safe to say that away from the track, his life is still lived at a very fast pace.

Perhaps in previous seasons it would not have been an issue, but now Hamilton has a genuine rival for the 2021 title in the form of Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman is looking to end Hamilton’s run of four consecutive Drivers’ titles, and Coulthard wonders if Verstappen’s more relaxed lifestyle away from the track could prove decisive.

“Max is a real home boy. He’s going back to Monaco and he really wants to be home. That’s an important element that allows him to recharge himself,” Coulthard told RacingNews365.

“With Lewis, you never know where he is between races. Is he in Los Angeles or somewhere else? That works for him, but he doesn’t have the inner peace to call anything his home. With Max, this is definitely going to add a few years to his career.”

Coulthard Questions Hamilton's 'Hectic' Lifestyle

David Coulthard has questioned the toll in which Lewis Hamilton’s hectic lifestyle takes on his Formula 1 career.

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Coulthard, now a pundit for Channel 4, also resides in Monaco, and so does spend a lot of time socialising with Verstappen, as well as regularly flying with him to the races.

And since Verstappen is happy to share this luxury, Coulthard believes it shows that the 23-year-old is in a “healthy way in life”.

‘I’m 50 years old, luckily [the partying] that’s behind me. It’s mostly social. We have a drink together, socialise, dine together and I often fly to the races with him,” said Coulthard.

“I’m not claiming deep, spiritual friendship or anything like that. I feel good in his company and Max in mine. I’ve never been kicked off his plane.

“We fly together when it suits us, together with some other guests from Max’s circle of friends. That makes travelling a lot more enjoyable and also more business interesting.

“Not all drivers do it this way. They have their own planes and plenty of luxury, but keep that to themselves. I think Max is in a good, healthy way in life.”

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