De Ferran has to ‘park anger’ at McLaren’s form

Gil De Ferran has to 'park anger' at McLaren's form

Gil De Ferran has to 'park anger' at McLaren's form

Gil de Ferran admits he is having to “park” his anger over McLaren’s woeful results.

Although the Woking team swapped from Honda to Renault power ahead of this year’s championship, the results that they expected have not materialised.

This forced the team to admit the problem is with the car’s aerodynamics, an issue they have struggled to replicate in the windtunnel.

The team achieved their best result of this season at the opening race in Australia, a P5, which sparked a run of five successive races inside the points.

In the next 12 races they only managed four top-ten results, leaving sporting boss de Ferran feeling very frustrated.

“Personally, how do I deal with it? My competitive spirit makes me angry, quite frankly,” he told Autosport.

“At heart I’m a competitor and I want to win.

“I have to park that and maintain the discipline and steadiness and so on and so forth.

“But believe me I have a lot of strong feelings inside. I want to be competitive.”

Slowest of all the teams in Japan, de Ferran admits given their issues, McLaren seldom arrive at a race weekend confident of their performance.

“You never really know exactly where you’re going to be from a competitive perspective because they are moving goalposts.

“You never know how their car will react to different conditions, you don’t know what developments people are bringing, you don’t know if some things you’re doing are going to work 1000%.

“However, having said that, we did expect [Japan] to be a difficult weekend.”

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