Death threats after IndyCar iRacing drama

Michelle Foster
Lando Norris Simon Pagenaud

Lando Norris Simon Pagenaud

We’re all for a bit of emotion, whether it be anger or joy, but death threats after a crash in real life or in iRacing is taking it too far.

That, though, is apparently what happened after Saturday’s iRacing antics at the Indianapolis Speedway.

Which driver was threatened, though, has not been revealed.

There were two notable incidents as the IndyCar racers and guests took to their simulators on Saturday.

Santino Ferrucci took out Oliver Askew while Simon Pagenaud crashed into Lando Norris.

The latter move appeared deliberate with Pagenaud uttering the words “let’s take him out” before slowing as Norris came to lap him.

The McLaren F1 driver was not impressed with Pagenaud’s actions.

“I know it’s virtually and people class it as a game – it’s become quite a bit more than that over the last few weeks,” he told ESPN.

“Not only because it’s on TV but personally for different drivers and teams and sponsors, there’s companies and teams and so on which still need this advertising, TV in America with thousands and thousands of people watching it, it’s more than a game now.

“You’d still expect people to act professionally.”

Such has been the fallout that IndyCar journalist Marshall Pruett revealed a driver has since received death threats.

He wrote on Twitter: “I’ve been told at least one of the drivers involved in Saturday’s iRacing drama at IMS have received threats against their lives via social media direct message.

“Come on, man.”

Jimmy Broadbent, a sim racing streamer who competed in Formula 1’s Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix, said there’s nothing new about that.

“Had a similar experience (luckily not quite that severe) when Lando crashed into me in the first Virtual GP. Some people are insane,” he replied.

But while some fans felt Norris expressing his frustration with Pagenaud had been stirring the pot – “never ever should have let that kid run in Indy to begin with” – Pruett was quick to call them out on that.

“No,” he said. “Lando expressing his ongoing frustration does not equate to being responsible for people threatening Pagenaud or anyone else.”

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