New Drive to Survive audience surpasses last series

Henry Valantine
Netflix camera films a Drive to Survive press conference. Bahrain March 2022.

A view of a TV camera recording a driver press conference.

Liberty Media boss Greg Maffei has said the fourth series of Drive to Survive has been a “huge success”, and has been watched by more people than the last instalment of episodes.

The show has been credited for being a significant reason behind Formula 1’s recent growth in popularity in recent years – particularly in America, an area which the sport has long tried to build its presence.

The most recent series came out prior to the 2022 season beginning, following the ups and downs of Red Bull’s battle against Mercedes for both World Championships, as well as several stories from within the paddock.

With the show’s continued appeal, senior figures at Liberty Media are pleased to see its audience continuously grow.

“We’re happy to report, and I think our Netflix friends would be happy to report, that it was the number one show in 33 countries around the world already,” Maffei reported in Las Vegas as the newest Formula 1 race for 2023 was announced.

“The season four audience is already larger than the season three audience. So it’s a huge success.

“I think there are a lot of other factors that have helped drive our popularity, but that is certainly one that we don’t discount.”

The show has been increasingly criticised through accusations of misrepresenting some of the storylines within it, including radio messages from Lando Norris which were cut in from completely different races to what was on screen at the time.

Max Verstappen refused to take part in the series after he accused Netflix of faking or skewing storylines, and believes the show was “ruined after the first season” as a result.


Netflix cameras have reportedly been spotted around the paddock in 2022, but it is yet to be officially confirmed that Drive to Survive will return in 2023.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has spoken of the need for the show to continue to add value to the sport, and confirmed the sport will be holding talks with Netflix to address drivers’ concerns surrounding the authenticity of the access-all-areas docuseries.


Domenicali casts doubt on Drive to Survive future

Stefano Domenicali has cast doubts over Drive to Survive and its future.