Drivers discuss ‘key corner’ of new Miami circuit

Jon Wilde
'Fake marina' at the Miami International Autodrome. Miami May 2022.

Boats in the 'fake marina' at the Miami International Autodrome. Miami May 2022.

Miami International Autodrome’s ‘fake marina’ has caught the eye of drivers – and not only for the off-track spectacle it provides.

That part of the brand new circuit for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix is also expected to be among the most challenging sections.

Turn 7, for example, has been singled out by Yuki Tsunoda, with the tightening left-hander leading into the sharp left Turn 8 and then onto a long straight featuring a DRS zone.

That is followed by a heavy braking area into Turn 11, which is expected to be a popular place for overtaking.

Before FP1, the drivers’ experience of the circuit was limited to runs on the simulator and a track walk.

“I think it’s fun, it’s a really unique and special track,” said Tsunoda, quoted by “There are a couple of tricky corners I’ve never seen, for example Turn 7 is completely blind so it will make a difference.

“Especially if you nailed it, or missed the apex, I think it will be a big time difference. That corner will, I think, increase the chance of overtaking. I think that corner will be a key corner for this track.”

The AlphaTauri driver, who has also said the third sector reminds him of a Formula E track, added: “It will be difficult to drive consistently every time. I don’t think you can nail it every lap compared to other corners. I think if you have a good exit there, or if you had good confidence into Turn 7, it will be good for overtakes.

“On the other side, if you are not good at Turn 7, or if [someone] makes a mistake, even you have, I think, one second, easily you can overtake at Turn 11.

“But still from Turn 11 to 16 it’s really tight corners, you don’t lose much downforce. So even if you don’t overtake in Turn 11 still you can follow the cars, and you still have a chance to overtake in the second-to-last corner. So I can expect a lot of battling.”

Tsunoda’s team-mate Pierre Gasly added: “From Turns 4, 5, 6, 7 it’s really high speed. Turn 7 is a never-ending left corner so you can’t see the exit, and then it’s just extremely long.”


Haas driver Mick Schumacher also gave his assessment of Turn 7.

“It’s easy to get it wrong,” said the German. “It’s also an easy place to lock up. So there will be a matter of how we as drivers treat the tyres. You unload the tyre, you basically brake in and unload the whole left side is as it’s a very long corner which tightens up.

“So you have to obviously slow down, but you still want to make as much time as you can going into the corner.”


A look at the new Miami layout

The new Miami International Autodrome looks an interesting track. Hopefully it produces good racing!