Drivers praise ‘awesome’ Miami layout after sim runs

Henry Valantine
Sergio Perez drives the RB7. Miami April 2022.

Red Bull Racing’s RB7 drives during Race To Miami in Miami, Florida, USA in December, 2021.

Drivers have had the opportunity to try out the Miami International Autodrome on their simulator ahead of the weekend, and the reviews are positive.

Most of the Red Bull-affiliated drivers drove on a virtual version of the circuit at the team’s simulator in Milton Keynes, as they prepared for the challenge of taking on Formula 1’s newest circuit at the weekend.

Pierre Gasly liked what he saw when he had a tour of Hard Rock Stadium and the surrounding area where the circuit is situated earlier in the year.

“I’ve tried it and I must say it looks pretty awesome,” Gasly told

“I really liked the layout. Quite a lot of high-speed content, quite challenging, unusual type of corners, extremely long corners, very long straights.

“I think we should have some pretty good American entertainment, good entertainment the whole weekend, so very excited about it, and the location is unique. So very hyped about the weekend.”

Sergio Perez agreed, with the challenges associated with the variety of corners set to provide a tricky test for the drivers – and he hopes the track will live up to what he has seen.

“I think it’s a good circuit,” Perez said. “I think it has a little bit of a twisty area that is quite difficult to get right, and the visibility can be difficult.

“But I think racing can be good with all those long straights. I just hope the asphalt can be good, and we can have good racing, because when we come to new circuits we find some good surprises.”

Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas also got a taste of what’s likely to come in Miami over the weekend, and he thinks the layout will be conducive to good racing overall.

With the characteristics on show, he thinks it’ll make for a good show “on paper”, and he hopes that will translate into the real world.


“Actually it was nice to see that it seems to be a really good track for overtaking,” Bottas said of his simulator run.

“I think the way the track has been planned, I think, from my side, it looks positive. It should be good racing. Pretty long straights and a couple of really good overtaking opportunities.

“So let’s see how it is done in real life, but to me on paper, it looks good. And I’m sure as an event it’s going to be pretty amazing.”