Drivers want ‘let them race’ attitude from stewards

Drivers want 'let them race' attitude from stewards

Drivers want 'let them race' attitude from stewards

The Formula 1 drivers met with the Bahrain stewards on Friday to discuss the adoption of a “let them race” attitude towards on-track incidents.

Last season the talk of penalties often dominated Formula 1 circles as drivers, and some team bosses, felt the stewards were being too harsh.

But, as always, that depended on which side of the argument they stood – the one doing the transgression, or the one being transgressed against.

As such FIA president Jean Todt suggested hosting a meeting in Bahrain where the drivers could voice their opinions, not only about the punishments but also the standard of driving.

This took place on Friday with Garry Connelly, the chairman of the FIA stewards in Bahrain, saying they discussed adopting a “let them race” and what exactly that would mean.

“What we wanted to try and do was work towards some consensus on what ‘let them race’ means,” he told

“We went round the room and every driver expressed an opinion.

“One issue that was discussed was moving under braking. They all believe that that can be potentially dangerous.”

Connelly added: “We told them we weren’t going to change anything overnight, we were there to get input.

“There are probably three or four major points that we’ll take out of it.

“I guess you can sum it up by saying they want to be allowed to race, but they want it to be safe and fair.”

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