‘DRS a band-aid for poor quality of racing’

Red Bull

'DRS is a band-aid for the poor quality of racing'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have hit out at DRS with the latter branding it a “band-aid for the poor quality of racing.”

While DRS has been around for several years, introduced to the sport in 2011, last year the powers-that-be began to put in three zones at some circuits to encourage overtaking.

That has continued into this year with the FIA announcing that there will be three zones for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Drivers will now be able to activate the Drag Reduction System on the exit of the opening sequence of corners and then use it to challenge the car ahead into the Turn Four.

Verstappen, though, would rather F1 drop DRS altogether.

“In a way maybe you don’t want the DRS overtakes,” the Red Bull driver told RaceFans. “I would be a fan of trying to go away from DRS overtaking.

“But at the moment that is a good solution I guess on some tracks where you can’t really normally get by.”

And while a third zone has been added to the Sakhir circuit for this weekend’s race, Verstappen doesn’t feel that is the solution.

He added: “You can always make it shorter, the zones. I think over the years we’ve made it longer so maybe now you can make it shorter.”

As for Hamilton, he called DRS a “band-aid”, but concedes it is one that Formula 1 needs right now given the design of the cars.

“Ultimately DRS is a band-aid for the poor quality of racing that we get with the cars that are designed,” said the World Champion.

“But it is what it is, you can’t change the fundamental structure of how these cars are and the wake that they create so they’ve got to find a way of making racing easier.”

The Brit, though, is hoping that this weekend’s third zone will spice up the grand prix.

“It’s going to be more tactical, makes it closer,” he added.

“Here there’s always such a big delta time you have to the car in front to be able to have a chance of overtaking. DRS reduces that per lap which I think is a positive thing.”

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