New Eau Rouge and stand revealed at Spa

Henry Valantine
View from the Eau Rouge grandstand. Spa May 2022.

A fan's-eye view from the new grandstand installed at Eau Rouge. Spa May 2022.

The long-awaited new Eau Rouge configuration and grandstand at Spa has now been unveiled, on view at a recent WEC race.

The recent 6 Hours of Spa saw the World Endurance Championship head to the Belgian Grand Prix host venue, whereby fans could sit in the new grandstand at the top of one of Formula 1’s most iconic corners.

Fans will be treated to a view of the plunge down from La Source up Eau Rouge, which will also see them able to view the exit up at Raidillon, before the cars fly up the Kemmel Straight at top speed – also a popular viewing point for fans in attendance at the race.

Circuit renovations have been taking place at Spa for months, with track resurfacing, gravel traps and Eau Rouge/Raidillon changes having taken place to bring the track up to date.

For the left-right uphill flick at Eau Rouge, the corner entry has now been widened, but the kerb on the left-hand side has now had an extra sausage kerb added to it, meaning it carries the need for more steering angle than previously, theoretically increasing the challenge the corner presents.

Wider run-off areas have also been introduced at the corner, with the aim of improving safety after the tragic crash there that killed Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert back in 2019.

McLaren driver Lando Norris was sent spinning across the track in wet conditions during qualifying last year, after a big high-speed shunt in the barriers heading up to Raidillon, further highlighting the need for the necessary changes to be made.


This year’s Belgian Grand Prix will take place on the weekend of 26-28 August, after the race was rained off in 2021 through torrential downpours.

Half-points were still awarded on the day though, after the field completed two laps behind the Safety Car in treacherous conditions, with Max Verstappen taking an official race victory ahead of George Russell.