Ecclestone would exclude all teams from 2021 talks

Mark Scott
Bernie Ecclestone criticises Liberty Media's democratic F1.

Bernie Ecclestone criticises Liberty Media's democratic F1.

Ex-Formula 1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone, has revealed his own vision for 2021, which would start by excluding all teams from discussions about the sport’s future.

After Ecclestone handed the reins over to Liberty Media, their biggest challenge is to create a more competitive, exciting sport that will see the sport’s popularity rise once again.

With the deadline for the 2021 regulations delayed until late October, Ecclestone has proposed his own unique plan.

“Firstly, I wouldn’t be talking to the teams,” Ecclestone told ESPN.

“It’s like having a committee and you don’t need that when making decisions like this.

“I would be saying: We’re going to have two championships. They’re both world championships; one is the Constructors’ World Championship and the other is the Teams’ World Championship. The Drivers’ World Championship would not be affected in any way.

“The Constructors’ Championship is for the teams that manufacture the engine and the chassis; teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes.

“For the Teams’ Championship, I’d build a car – like a very sophisticated F2 car. If Honda decided they weren’t going to be in F1 – or if Renault decided not to be a constructor.

“I’d do a good deal for one of them to supply everyone. These would be engines similar to those we have today. But one engine has to last a full season, with one spare engine only to be used if the original one has a failure.

“So if you want to start a team, here’s your chance. I’d give you a complete car and a spare engine.

“And I’d give you $30 million a year. That way we can forget all this cost cap nonsense. You’ve got to run the team as best you can. You’ve got $30m to get you going, so you need to go out and find some sponsors.”

In the full interview (which can be found here), Ecclestone also goes into detail about bringing back refuelling as well as make changes to the tyre compounds available to all the teams.

Ecclestone concluded by saying that his vision had a particular scenario in mind at the heart of all of his suggestions.

“F1 has to get people’s attention again,” Ecclestone said.

“If you’ve got four friends going to a race, you want to have a situation where none of them can agree on who is going to win.

“This is all about Ferrari and Mercedes racing up front, but other teams having a chance to be in among them for about a fifth of the budget.

“Everything is up for discussion. But the bottom line is having affordable entertainment rather than very expensive technology.”

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