‘Big-headed’ Eddie Jordan outlines his ‘brutal’ plan to fix Ferrari

Mark Scott
The Ferrari F1 2023 car features alongside Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan: Has the plan to fix Ferrari

Eddie Jordan has backed himself to fix Ferrari after years of pain and frustration for the long-suffering Tifosi.

With no Drivers’ title in the trophy cabinet since 2007 and no Constructors’ silverware since 2008, Ferrari are the very definition of the term ‘sleeping giant’.

Fred Vasseur is the latest Scuderia boss to try and restore former glory to the once great F1 team, but Jordan, a team principal for over a decade after founding Jordan Grand Prix in 1991, reckons he is the man to fix them.

‘Ferrari have got their pecking order wrong’

Speaking on the latest edition of the Formula For Success podcast, Jordan opened by saying he would dust off the Michael Schumacher blueprint for success and build the strong foundations needed for a team to create a winning culture.

“If I was the boss there, I would create, without doubt, something in the way that Michael [Schumacher] created,” Jordan said.

“He brought in Rory Byrne, he brought in Pat Symonds and there was Jean Todt, and they were the nucleus. I’m saying to Ferrari, you have absolutely, in my opinion, have slightly got the pecking order wrong.

“You have brilliant guys on the perch, brilliant engineers who are able to design great engines, design great cars, but it’s the finer details to making that race car into a winning car. That’s the difference.

“And I think you need people who have gone through the formulas for karting, Formula Three, because what’s happening is they are appointing people who don’t have the inner knowledge, the experience and recall rate that they can think about, ‘what did I do in Formula Three, when that happened? What did I do there?’

“They are making silly mistakes that are affecting the team. I’m sorry, I’d be really quite brutal if I was in Ferrari, but I big-headedly think that I would actually turn it around a bit.”

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EJ questions Ferrari philosophy and Maranello base

Jordan went on to question Ferrari’s lengthy lunch breaks as part of their wider philosophy and also made the suggestion that the Scuderia should actually move away from their Maranello base and focus on operating out of the UK again.

He added: “I think just Ferrari is the one that jumps out at you. They are just not performing to the level or the expectation that people either want them to do, or that people know that they can do. And they’re a brilliant outfit, but they’re different.

“They stopped for lunch for an hour and a half, just the whole philosophy of the place is…don’t get me on my high horse!

“Remember how they got very good. They got very good when John Barnard designed the car for them. But it was designed and made in Britain, most of the car 90% of the car was made in England, and they need to start thinking about going back to that method.”

Ferrari sit fourth in the Constructors’ Championship standings with even Aston Martin able to surge ahead of 16-time World Champions.

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