Eddie Jordan teases Red Bull decision which would spell disaster for Lance Stroll

Jamie Woodhouse
Aston Martin F1 driver Lance Stroll pictured in the pitlane during the Mexican Grand Prix weekend.

Lance Stroll in the pit lane.

If Red Bull opt against signing Carlos Sainz for 2025, then former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan believes Sainz will head to Aston Martin as part of an all-Spanish line-up.

Sainz is on the look-out for a new team after the shock pre-F1 2024 announcement that Lewis Hamilton will take his Ferrari seat from 2025. It is safe to say the Spaniard is making himself a very attractive option for teams up and down the grid.

Could Red Bull Carlos Sainz snub lead to Lance Stroll expulsion?

After making the podium at the season opener in Bahrain, Sainz missed the following race in Saudi Arabia after undergoing surgery for appendicitis, though returned in emphatic fashion next time out at the Australian Grand Prix.

He dominated the race on his way to a third career victory, heading a Ferrari 1-2 with team-mate Charles Leclerc claiming P2.

Neither Red Bull boss Christian Horner or his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff are ruling out a swoop for Sainz after that statement of intent, though Jordan feels that if Red Bull pass on the chance to reunite with Sainz, then he will instead become Fernando Alonso’s new Aston Martin team-mate.

That would leave Lance Stroll, the son of team owner Lawrence Stroll, out in the cold.

Speaking on the Formula For Success podcast, Jordan said: “I’m very friendly with his [Sainz’s] father and as soon as that race finished, I sent a note to Carlos senior who was there, you saw him hugging and embracing him at the track, just under the podium.

“I dropped him a note and within sort of 12 hours or so, whatever it took him to read the phone and he was the other side of the world, he sent me back a really nice note.

“I said, ‘Look, this is actually a legendary story where the guy gets out of hospital, has a major operation, most doctors will tell you what happened is impossible’.

“I did see him get out of the car and yes, of course, he was very, very careful how he got out of the car, for sure he was in pain during that race, but I think the determination inside the head and what his father would have said to him as he went through that moment to get into the race, Sainz for me, he livened up my day. I loved watching the Grand Prix.

“I loved the fact that he could control it. He moved ahead from Leclerc and I heard one of the commentators saying, ‘Do you think that Ferrari should allow Leclerc to pass?’ And the answer, my god, don’t ever do something like that. Because this was his race win. He’s looking for the best seat he can get.

“And at the moment – please remember he started off in Toro Rosso – and I would say, Red Bull, if they were to lose somebody like Max or if they were to replace somebody like Perez, you have to say that Carlos would be one of the key people.

“However, do not be surprised if you see an all-Spanish Aston Martin team next year. Bear that in mind where we first heard it, okay? Log that down and move on.”

After podcast co-star and 13-time grands prix winner David Coulthard pointed out that this is certainly an “uncomfortable” prediction for Lance, Jordan added: “I’m telling you, I believe that if there is not a place in Red Bull for him, he will join Fernando in Aston Martin.

“That’s what I believe. I have no real hardcore evidence, but it’s a gut feel.

“And very often my gut feel is a little bit different to other people’s gut feel. And sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I absolutely screw up. But it does sound nice.”

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Coulthard was equally impressed though with Sainz, declaring “what a performance” as the Spaniard claimed victory ahead of Leclerc.

Coulthard would describe Sainz as a “demon” at the wheel of the Ferrari SF-24, as he pondered how much of that is influenced by him just being in a happy place in life versus the knowledge that he has no future at Ferrari and must secure himself the best seat possible.

“He just seems like a demon behind the wheel right now,” said Coulthard.

“And I wonder how much of that is just being happy in his life prior to the information that he was going to be replaced by Lewis Hamilton. And how much of it is the fact that he’s now fighting for the best seat he possibly can get outside of a Ferrari.”

Sainz is up to P4 in the F1 2024 Drivers’ Championship, 11 points behind leader Verstappen.

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