Eddie Jordan clarifies ‘silent assassin’ comment with ‘favour owed’ by Christian Horner

Michelle Foster
Former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan with David Coulthard.

Eddie Jordan speaks into the ear of former Red Bull and McLaren driver David Coulthard.

Eddie Jordan has clarified the “silent assassin” quote that recently made headlines, but while those weren’t Christian Horner’s words, he reckons the team boss owes him a “favour” as he is “no longer front page”.

After weeks of speculation, Red Bull announced in the build-up to the Miami Grand Prix that design guru Adrian Newey would leave the team in the first quarter of next year.

‘Which was absolutely you and thank you for bringing that up’

In his quotes in the Red Bull press release, Newey thanked Jordan and with that, it was revealed the former F1 team boss was the 65-year-old’s manager.

David Coulthard, Jordan’s fellow Formula for Success podcaster, lauded the discovery that “76-year-old Eddie Jordan” was none other than Newey’s manager.

Jordan replied: “DC, what I’m worried about you… just for the advantage of the anchors out there. Anchors, do you know what he called me? Do you know what he called me when he found this?

“First of all, his jaw was somewhere around near the end of his trousers. And you know, it’s quite a big jaw in the first place, so to actually go that depth, he can do it. It’s a fairly extensive jaw.

“But he called me: ‘Ah, EJ, you’re a f***ing silent assassin’.

“So I don’t know what a silent assassin is. Maybe you could tell us, DC, what is that?”

But while the “he called me” was thought to be what Horner had called Jordan, it was actually Coulthard who called the Irishman a “silent assassin”.

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Speaking in the latest edition of their podcast, Coulthard declared that while Jordan had “slammed many people but you usually do it with a qualified position”, they both know it was “actually” the Scot who made the silent assassin comment.

Asked if he had phoned Horner to tell him it was the “eejit DC” who made the comment, Jordan replied: “I would have probably done that but Christian has been under a fair bit of media attention, as we all know, over the last months, and there was one particular incident – very similar.

“I said something that was taken up and misquoted. It was long before the adjudication and the results of the Kings’ Council. I think Christian, through somebody else, had heard something in the media or I was supposed to have said, something which I absolutely did not say.

“I kind of ignored what was said about the silent assassin – was absolutely you and thank you for bringing that up – but the thing Christian was upset with me and this is ridiculous because this is the second time this has happened.

“I’ve been a friend of Christian’s for 30-odd years. He came to try and buy my team all those years ago, and I know him, his family and every one of us all grew up in that area together.

“It’s just nonsense that the media are putting things in a place which could or might affect either a friendship or a relationship going forward.”

But calling it a “narrative thing” in a “fickle media”, Jordan does feel Horner actually owes him a thank you – or a “favour” if you will – for taking him off of the front pages.

“From a little bit of the attack on Christian, for example, and suddenly the Adrian Newey thing comes along, and then Christian is sort of no longer front page. It’s all Adrian.

“So I believe he owes me a favour. Because I believe I distracted so much of the media, and not willingly it just so happened that way, but the media got distracted towards Adrian Newey and they kind of gave Christian a bit of breathing space.

“And so that’s how I see it, but then I would be naturally biased and I see things to my favour. Same as you’d see things to your favour.”

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