Eddie Jordan cringes as DC armed with accordian for end of F1 2023 song

Jamie Woodhouse
David Coulthard playing the accordian in Channel 4's end of F1 2023 song.

David Coulthard playing the accordian.

13-time Grand Prix David Coulthard was dressed in Lederhosen and playing the accordian for Channel 4’s ‘Thank you F1’ 2023 song, a “shocking” sight for Eddie Jordan.

Free-to-air UK broadcaster Channel 4 shows qualifying and race highlights from across the Formula 1 calendar, which for 2023 concluded with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

And as the final race highlights show of the season went off the air, presenter Steve Jones serenaded viewers with his ode to F1 2023, a creative and musical look back at the key moments of the season, which despite Coulthard’s request, has not been met with the bravery to upload it onto social media.

Eddie Jordan asks David Coulthard to retire the accordian

As part of the song, Coulthard was showing off his best moves and accordian skills, playing while dressed in Lederhosen, though “actually, the producers of that particular piece thought that was traditional Dutch costume”, which instead “looked more Austrian than Dutch”.

Former Formula 1 team boss Jordan though is just desperate to get the image of a Lederhosen-wearing, accordian-playing Coulthard out of his mind.

“David, please don’t use that accordian again,” Jordan asked during the Formula For Success podcast.

“It was shocking, I hated you doing that.”

After Coulthard asked Jordan to explain further for people who may not have seen this song, Jordan added: “For you folk at home, I had to endure Steve Jones singing, which in itself was not an exactly pleasant situation, but well done Steve, you were very brave to take that particular show on on Channel 4, it was brilliant.

“But you standing around in typical Red Bull kind of dress, which are Austrian Lederhosen and all your stocks, I did have a chuckle to myself.”

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Coulthard explained that Jones came up with the lyrics himself, which were still living rent-free in his head.

“He wrote all the lyrics,” Coulthard confirmed. “I thought it was great. I’ve got it in my head…’Thank you F1. Thank you F1.’

“So maybe what we’ll do, we’ll put a link up to the closing song that you’re referencing. We’ll put that somehow maybe on their socials so that people can enjoy that.”

We now wait in anticipation!

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