‘Performance is just not there’ – Eddie Jordan’s damning verdict on Red Bull hopeful

Michelle Foster
Eddie Jordan in the Formula 1 paddock at the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.

Eddie Jordan in the Formula 1 paddock.

Eddie Jordan says there is “nothing” about Daniel Ricciardo’s performances on the track that would make him want to invest in the Aussie driver.

Unless that changes, and soon, he reckons Ricciardo could be replaced and even the driver would understand the team’s decision.

‘There has been nothing since then that convinces me…’

Returning to Formula 1 last season with Red Bull’s junior team, Ricciardo’s comeback was hampered by a broken hand but he did enough to convince his team bosses he deserved a 2024 race seat.

But with this year once again being billed as an audition for Sergio Perez’s Red Bull Racing seat, Ricciardo has yet to cover himself in glory.

He has been outshone by Yuki Tsunoda in qualifying while a spin at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, right in front of Perez who he hopes to replace next season, didn’t help his cause.

So much so that former F1 team boss Jordan says he is unconvinced by Ricciardo’s performances.

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“I don’t think there is a more loved personality in Formula 1, certainly got the best smile that I’ve ever seen in Formula 1,” Jordan told the Formula For Success podcast. “He is a magic guy to have in a team.

“But you know, that doesn’t give you the right to be the driver in the team.

“I’m just worried that the end of McLaren era was really something that stood out and I couldn’t see where he’d lost it. There has been nothing since then that convinces me that I would want to invest my hard-earned sponsorship cash to keep Daniel.

“He needs a result more than anyone perhaps, and he needs to get it together. Because otherwise he is going to be replaced and he can understand why he would be replaced because the performance is just not there.

“I mean, he shouldn’t be spinning the car, he shouldn’t be getting himself out of sequence in a pit stop. You don’t see Max doing done, you don’t see other people doing that.

“So, Daniel as much as we absolutely adore him and I think he’s a huge asset for Formula 1, the stopwatch never lies and the stopwatch in terms of Daniel, the question marks are out there.

“When we see people like Oliver Bearman coming in like the way he did, people like Daniel Ricciardo will have to look over his shoulders and say, ‘How much time have I left here?'”

Ricciardo has already been given the hurry-up by Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko, who told Speedweek: “A word about the Racing Bulls. There’s a lot at stake this season for both Yuki and Daniel.

“Yuki’s qualifying performance was very good and Ricciardo has to come up with something soon.”

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