‘I can give my life on that’ – Eddie Jordan denies latest Adrian Newey next team rumours

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Eddie Jordan has known Adrian Newey since the 1980s.

Eddie Jordan has spoken more about how he became Adrian Newey's manager.

Eddie Jordan has rubbished a report that Adrian Newey has already signed for Ferrari, so confident that he’d “give my life” that the story is not true.

And he’d know, he’s Newey’s manager.

Adrian Newey, Ferrari rumour dismissed by Eddie Jordan

Red Bull ended weeks of speculation about Newey’s future with the team when they announced in the build-up to the Miami Grand Prix that he would leave in the first quarter of next year.

Almost immediately it was speculated that Ferrari would be his next destination, the Scuderia have tried to sign the design legend several times in the past few decades.

It was, according to the Daily Mail, a done deal.

“Sources in Italy have indicated to Mail Sport that his contract with the Scuderia, which would partner him with Lewis Hamilton, is already signed,” claimed the British publication, before adding that “another senior figure in the sport said that if the ink wasn’t already dry that it soon would be.”

But according to Jordan it’s just not true.

“It’s not accurate, I can absolutely give my life on that,” Jordan said on his Formula For Success podcast.

“There is no inclination to go in any particular way at the moment. We’re looking at opportunities and letting people come and we are letting people come and talk to us.”

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He added: “It’s really very wrong to be so blatant about [Newey] joining a certain team. In this case he talks about Ferrari.

“I’m speaking as someone who should know and I’m not giving any information away… at no stage is any of this discussion happening.

“There will be talks, and there will be ongoing talks because we have yet to decide what Adrian himself wants to do. He’s been at this since coming straight from his dream of being an engineer at university, Leyton House, McLaren, Williams.

“The guy is 60-something, he’s getting a new boat. I would’ve said equally alongside all those potential teams we’re talking about, the fifth team he should be thinking about is himself.

“Himself and Amanda, they have a wonderful home in Cape Town, we see a lot of them and they are great, great friends.

“I have no idea, and let it be clear, it will always be Adrian’s decision, and so it should be.”

If you’re wondering about the ‘getting a new boat’, Jordan claimed back in March that Fernando Alonso was considering retiring from F1 because he had just got a new boat.

That, Jordan believes, is “often an indication to me because I know you [Coulthard] bought a boat at the time and then retired gracefully after that, and I did the same. People have a habit of buying boats and retiring.”

Alonso did not retire, instead signing a new contract with Aston Martin. It remain to be seen whether Newey and his boat will call time on Formula 1.

The most successful designer ever in Formula 1 with 25 championship titles – and two more expected this season with Red Bull – has made it clear that he has “no plans” at the moment and wants to take some time to spend with his dogs and family.

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