Eddie Jordan shares his match made ‘in heaven’ move for Lewis Hamilton

Michelle Foster
Lewis Hamilton speaking with Charles Leclerc. Saudi Arabia March 2023

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton speaking with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Saudi Arabia March 2023

Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari would be a match made “in heaven” with Eddie Jordan saying the F1 team and the driver need “shaking up” and he reckons they could do that together.

Despite pre-season talk of getting a new contract with Hamilton signed as soon as possible, Toto Wolff saying in early January that was “one of the topics that we will tackle over the winter” before the season begins, no deal has been agreed.

It had some pundits suggesting that was because Hamilton first wanted to see how the W14 would perform with since changing to how Mercedes will recover from a poor, by their standards, start to the season.

Hamilton hit back at that, saying it was “mostly people creating rumours without facts” and insisted there was “no hold up” in the talks, adding that he doesn’t feel the need to do it “right this second.”

His comments, though, have done little to curtail the rumbling with former F1 team boss Jordan suggesting what Hamilton needs for next season is to move to Ferrari.

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“There’s only one place he could go to in my opinion and that is Ferrari,” the 75-year-old told Express Sport. “A guy with the talent that he is, and I think it might be a [match made] in heaven.

“I think Ferrari need shaking up and I think Lewis Hamilton needs shaking up, if they are going to continue.

“If Lewis is going to continue then I think he needs a change. For his mindset, for his drive, for an initiative, for fun. Learning Italian, dealing and eating pasta with those guys, it’s a different world. And having run a team we always saw how different Ferrari operates and I would love to see Lewis in that environment.

“I think he could really shake them up. I think he could bring a new sense of direction to them, I think he would eradicate a lot of the little problems Ferrari have had.

“So therefore, I would just like to see before he fully retires, I would like to see Lewis there for a year or two to see what would happen. Just think of the column inches. It’s an amazing story.”

But, he conceded, “it’s unlikely to happen but it’s my dream.”

This is not the first time Jordan has urged Hamilton to sign with Ferrari, telling OLBG earlier this year that “Formula 1 needs Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari and Ferrari needs Lewis Hamilton.

“At the moment, there’s no contract signed and Toto Wolff said if he was Hamilton he would consider leaving.

“What would I be thinking if I was Hamilton, am I really loved here? What is actually happening at Mercedes?

“I don’t know Wolff’s point of view on the situation but I believe when he says he wants Hamilton to stay. But Mercedes is not good enough for Hamilton.”

Wolff, though, has made it clear he wants Hamilton to stay, adamant re-signing the seven-time World Champion is his only plan for 2024.

“I don’t want to engage in discussions with other drivers, because I’m happy with the ones that are in the team, that’s for sure,” he said. “At the moment, there is no Plan B. It’s Lewis.”