Eddie Jordan called a ‘f***ing silent assassin’ after Adrian Newey exit

Henry Valantine
Adrian Newey with Eddie Jordan.

Adrian Newey thanked his "close friend and manager" Eddie Jordan when announcing his departure from Red Bull.

Eddie Jordan revealed that he was called a “silent assassin” in the exit negotiations for Adrian Newey, when it was revealed he was his manager.

The former eponymous team principal was namechecked as Newey’s “close friend and manager” in the announcement of his departure from the team in early 2025, with Jordan having helped Red Bull’s design chief negotiate his way out of his contract, which was due to run until the end of next year.

Eddie Jordan becomes ‘silent assassin’ in Adrian Newey talks

Speaking on the latest episode of the Formula For Success podcast, Jordan was put on the spot about his role as Newey’s manager now that his departure has been made public knowledge.

This also came as news to the top of the Red Bull hierarchy at the time, as well as co-anchor David Coulthard, who has known Jordan well from their time in the paddock together, and the former team boss joked that his mouth dropped at hearing the news.

“Do you know what he called me? Do you know what he called me when he found this? First of all, his jaw was somewhere around near the end of his trousers. You know, it’s quite a big jaw in the first place, but he called me: ‘Ah, EJ, you’re a fucking silent assassin’,” Jordan said of Coulthard.

“So I don’t know what a silent assassin is. Maybe you could tell us, DC, what is that?”

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At which point, co-host, 13-time Grand Prix winner and former Red Bull driver Coulthard replied: “Well, you’d rather be a silent assassin than somebody hearing you coming.

“No-one saw that coming at all. Nobody knew you were managing Adrian.”

Speaking about the loss of the long-time design head in Miami, Horner is confident that Red Bull have the people in place to succeed Newey moving forward.

“I’ve spoken to Adrian at length about that and Adrian’s position is very clear,” he said.

“We have enjoyed a great relationship, and we continue to enjoy a great relationship. We are friends as well as work colleagues and he’s done a huge amount for this team.

“We’ll be sad to see him leave, but he’s left the team in good shape and we’ve got a great team of people and strength and depth to take us forward.”

Newey has already taken a step back from the design team at Red Bull following the announcement of his departure, moving on to complete the RB17 hypercar project at the company before he officially leaves in the first quarter of 2025.

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