ESPN reporter apologises after blasting Sergio Perez for photo snub

Mark Scott
Sergio Perez walks in the paddock. Hungary July 2022.

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez makes his way through the paddock. Hungary July 2022.

ESPN reporter Miguel Gonzalez has issued a ‘sincere apology’ to Sergio Perez after initially criticising him for refusing to take a picture with his son.

Gonzalez took aim at the Red Bull driver in a two-part tweet when spotting Perez out in a restaurant and trying to organise a picture with his son – only to be denied.

The reaction to Gonzalez’s tweets, though, was a strong one as people defended Checo and pointed out he was well within his rights to refuse autograph and picture requests when out with his family.

“Thanks to Sergio Perez for ignoring and turning your back on my son when they were leaving the restaurant,” Gonzalez tweeted.

“Incredulous, I approached you to ask if you could take a picture with him and you denied it saying that you came with your family.

“This time the tears you provoked were not from emotion.

“My child waited for them to finish and leave so as not to be impertinent. What a pity it bothers you when a child asks you for a photo, although you have every right to deny it.

“By the way, the garbage on the table is collected. Education is also taught and learned as a family.”

After those angry tweets, Gonzalez would later apologise to Perez for crossing the line.

“Today I have to offer a sincere apology to Sergio Perez,” Gonzalez said.

“I insist that he is within his rights. My reaction was wrong. Sincere apology.”

A polite reminder that F1 drivers are humans too

Over the last couple of days we have seen the dark side of fame, and at a time when F1 drivers are spending precious moments at home with family and friends before the brutal schedule really begins to take hold in the coming months.

First we have had Charles Leclerc having to plead with people to stop turning up at his home after his address was leaked and now Sergio Perez cannot even go out for a meal with his family without being disturbed.

From Gonzalez’s account, Checo made it very clear he was out with his family and that should have been fully respected both in person and online.

He was perfectly within his rights to refuse any autographs/photos and that was something Gonzalez himself even acknowledged in his initial tweets, making the outburst even more bizarre.

The response he received from these tweets show that there are some people left in the world who know how to respect boundaries and know not to cross them. It’s a shame that doesn’t extend to everyone.

Basic manners are not hard to learn, but clearly easy to forget.’s recommended reading

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