Your move Red Bull: Esteban Ocon’s Max Verstappen title fight claim revisited

Michelle Foster
Max Verstappen confronts Esteban Ocon after the 2018 Brazilian GP

Max Verstappen confronts Esteban Ocon after the 2018 Brazilian GP

Esteban Ocon may believe he can fight Max Verstappen in the “same car” but he shouldn’t expect a call from Red Bull after his Brazil 2018 crash, and subsequent clash, with the reigning World Champion.

Ocon currently finds himself without a drive for F1 2025 having “agreed together” with Alpine to part ways at the end of this season.

Esteban Ocon v Max Verstappen at Red Bull?

“I will announce my plans very soon,” Ocon said in the press release, “but in the meantime, my full focus is on delivering on track for this team and having a successful remainder of the season.”

The announcement brings to an end their five-year relationship, one that yielded one race victory for Ocon at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Now he’s contemplating what tomorrow holds.

What’s next for Esteban Ocon?

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It’s a future in which Ocon, according to his 2023 DAZN quotes, would like to be a World Champion – to the point that he believes he could take on Verstappen in the same car.

“I see myself fighting with Verstappen, fighting for a World Championship if we had the same car,” he said. “Now Max is doing an incredible job – he is dominating with Red Bull.

“But I don’t care which driver it was. I want to fight for the championship. I have always believed in myself.

“We have a long road ahead of us, but my goal is to be World Champion, nothing more.”

However, it’s safe to say Ocon shouldn’t expect a phone call from either Christian Horner or Helmut Marko.

Two big reasons Red Bull are unlike to call Esteban Ocon

First off Ocon is the only driver on the grid who has made Verstappen so angry that he got physical with him.

The Dutchman shoved the Frenchman in the heated aftermath of the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix after Ocon cost him the victory when he crashed into the Red Bull driver, who had been leading the race, as he tried to unlap himself up the inside of Turn 2.

Verstappen forcefully pushed Ocon several times in the chest as the drivers were weighed in the FIA garage, for which he was punished with two days of community service for unsportsmanlike actions.

With that in mind, it is no wonder Red Bull are believed to be waiting for the ink to dry on Perez’s newest extension before confirming him as Verstappen’s F1 2025 team-mate.

The team have a clear number one driver and are not keen to rock the boat, or even worse, have their drivers crashing or taking points off one another.

And Ocon has shown in the past, as recently as Monaco, he has no qualms about fighting a team-mate wheel-to-wheel.

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