Excellent start for the new Formula 1 season

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

The F1 2020 season has begun, and it is already heading to the fourth grand prix this end July. It all started off in Spielberg Austria, after the longest break ever seen since the cars screamed their engines under the Formula 1 formation in the 1950s.

That was followed by the second round with the Styrian grand prix which saw the return to the podium the 2019 champion after he came at P4 in the opening race. Then Budapest Hungary followed, and Lewis Hamilton returned as a winner for the second time in three races, sending out a message of why he is a 6-time formula 1 champion.

Spielberg Austria saw one of the Formula 1 favourites Max Verstappen going out of the race as early as the 11th lap. As more laps were covered, more cars went out due to mechanical problems. It sure looked like the day might end with cars in the garages exceeding those on the track.

The weather might have had an impact on parts as the sun was beating down on everyone and everything that afternoon. But it was not all doom and gloom because teams like McLaren Renault walked away smiling. Their young driver Lando Norris got his first podium, finishing at P3 and collecting much needed 16 points. It was all cheer at the McLaren Renault pit when the young Brit was cruising to the checkered flag after the action-packed day. He followed behind Charles Leclerc while Valtteri Bottas took the first spot as the winner.

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Bottas, who has been very impressive last season, had a good day along with his teammate – the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton. The champ got penalised 5 seconds for causing a coalition that day. He finished on P4 which pushed Norris up to his first podium at P3 as he was already close behind him. Things changed in Styrian for the two Great Britain drivers as Hamilton won the grand prix while Norris finished at P5. The young lad later finished at P13 in Budapest Hungary, a bit disappointing from him as he finished at the top twice in a row before that.

Redbull and the Mercedes team currently have two drivers each in the top five driver standings where Hamilton is seating at number 1 with 63 points followed by his teammate Valtteri Bottas with 58. Mark Verstappen is on third and McLaren’s Landon Norris comes in fourth with Alex Albon securing the 5th spot.

Ten races have been approved by Formula 1 and FIA for this year to take place from July to December 2020 and that means five more rounds are still remaining. As things stand going to the British grand prix end July, the odds on Betway are in favour of Hamilton taking the first spot by a 69% chance followed by Bottas with 29% and Verstappen projected to take the win at by a 12% chance. Bet on the Formula 1 this end July on Betway as it brings you motorsport betting on the high-paced 2020 season with all the thrill and excitement coupled with showstopping podium winners.