Extra MGU-K available to drivers in 2020

Mark Scott
Formula 1 PA

Formula 1 PA

Drivers will be allowed to use three MGU-K components in the Formula 1 2020 season before penalties are administered by the FIA.

Formula 1’s governing body has tidied up a number of rules and regulations ahead of the new season following the latest World Motor Sport Council meeting on Wednesday.

A physical chequered flag will be making a reappearance to mark the end of the races, while teams are no longer allowed to block the view of their garages with black screens during the winter testing period to help make the sport more accessible to the fans.

There will hopefully be fewer hefty engine penalties next season with the FIA also deciding up to MGU-K restrictions from two to three.

Energy Store and Control Electronics will remain at two each before penalties are applied. Drivers will still have to burn through three ICEs, Turbochargers and MGU-Hs to start racking up grid penalties for these elements, too.

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