Extra point for fastest lap could be on the way

F1: Extra point for fastest lap on the way

F1: Extra point for fastest lap on the way

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has given its approval to introduce giving a point to the driver that sets the fastest lap in races.

The current system sees those from first down to P10 awarded points and there have been some calls in the past to extend the points further down the grid to keep racing competitive throughout the grid.

Whilst that remains off the table for now, an extra point does look set to be awarded to those who set the fastest lap from the Australian Grand Prix and beyond.

We often see those drivers outside the top 10, with their races effectively over, come into the pits late on for one last glory run, but this proposal would aim to bring a stop to that.

This bonus-point system is already in place in Formula E, but the difference with Formula 1’s proposal is to only award the bonus point to a driver with the fastest lap who is also in the top 10.

For the bonus point to be introduced for Australia, the proposal must now pass an e-vote by the F1 Commission in order to be added to the sporting regulations.

It would not be the first time an extra point has been awarded to the driver with the fastest lap as it was in place for the first 10 years of the Formula 1 World Championship.

It most notably helped Mike Hawthorn clinch the World Championship title ahead of Sir Stirling Moss in 1958.

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