Extremely rare Mercedes-AMG ONE monster given huge $5.45million price tag

Henry Valantine
Mercedes AMG One in black.

You can now buy a Mercedes-AMG ONE, but it will cost you.

An incredibly rare Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, powered by a Formula 1 engine, has been listed for sale at a huge $5.45million [£4.3million] price tag.

While Mercedes never revealed the official price of this car, it was widely reported to be between £2million and £3million from new, with only 275 having been made.

But this version, while listed as used, has been listed without a single mile on the clock, and the collectability of the car is such that it has already risen in value.

F1-inspired Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar goes up for sale at huge price

The AMG ONE was a project undertaken by Mercedes to put Formula 1 engineering into a road car, with a Mercedes F1 engine placed at the heart of the car.

The 1.6-litre turbo hybrid engine is complemented by four further separate motors to generate a huge 1063bhp, with a top speed of 217mph and an enormous amount of engineering having taken place to make the car as stable and F1-like on track as possible – even including a DRS button, when deployed.

Active aerodynamics aid the car’s handling, and a huge focus has been placed on its performance – with a “Strat 2” mode enabling maximum engine power and chassis performance that simulates Mercedes’ F1 cars in qualifying trim.

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Dubai-based car dealership F1rstMotors has an AMG ONE listed for sale in all black, with no miles on the clock, with Motor1 reporting the price at a huge $5.45million.

Former F1 driver Christijan Albers is now a proud owner of one of Mercedes’ hypercars, having waited six years after buying one to get it into his hands.

He told Dutch publication De Telegraaf: “This is such a unique project. I don’t think this will ever be made again, and because of the hybrid system with the electric motors, it also fits in with today’s greener times. For me, it really is the overall picture.

“A Formula 1 engine as we can now and a road car with SO much downforce. It’s not a car for the daily commute, so to speak.

“I am aware that it is a lot of money. But to be able to drive a car with a Formula 1 engine as a former Formula 1 driver… That opportunity never comes along again. I felt I had to grab it with both hands.”

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