Austria season opener, three Silverstone races?

Mark Scott

Silverstone offered to host up to 12 F1 races.

The 2020 Formula 1 season could be set for a July start in Austria followed by three races at Silverstone, according to reports.

Both the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone have declared an interest in hosting multiple races to help get the Formula 1 show back on the road and it will be easier for them to accommodate it given they are both dedicated race tracks.

But, while it appears Austria would have the honour of kicking the season off, are reporting that we could potentially see three races at the iconic Silverstone circuit.

Discussions about how the start of the 2020 season could look were part of a positive and constructive discussion between Formula 1 bosses and the respective Formula 1 team principals on Thursday when other big topics such as the budget cap were on the agenda.

It is believed that under this possible plan, the Austrian Grand Prix would be taking place behind closed doors which would allow Formula 1 bosses to bring the race forward from its initial July 5 date.

However, it is thought that Red Bull want to keep the same date as featured on the original 2020 calendar.

Next on the revised schedule would be three races in four weeks at Silverstone on two different versions of the track, but not a reverse one that many were hoping for.

By keeping the vast majority of racing at one particular track to begin with, it will help Formula 1 press on with starting a season where they are still eager to host 16-18 races this year.

Silverstone ticks a lot of boxes given that seven of the 10 Formula 1 teams are already based in the UK, while the thinking for Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo is that they would have a venue in Silverstone where they can set up their operations for a number of weeks, rather than the usual globetrotting that comes with the job.

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