First images of F1 2022 show car revealed

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We have a glimpse into the future with the first real-life images of the F1 2022 car revealed online by Italian website LiveGP.It.

The new iteration of Formula 1 cars were initially due to be introduced in 2021, but the pandemic ensured that the new cars and the new accompanying regulations were delayed by a further season due to Formula 1 implementing cost-saving measures through hardy times.

But, it is all systems go for 2022 and a vast majority of teams have already switched their full attention to developing their new cars in order to be in the best possible shape for the start of Formula 1’s new era.

So far, we have only witnessed rendered images of what the new Formula 1 cars will look like but, on Monday evening, images emerged on social media of a show car which the teams will effectively be using as their base before making their own customisations based on their interpretations of the new regulations.

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According to LiveGP.It, the show car was created in association with Memento Group ahead of a planned public presentation at the British Grand Prix weekend on July 16-18. At the time of writing, this plan/event is unconfirmed by Formula 1 themselves.

The main standout from the above images is the bold, aggressive front and rear wings with Formula 1 wanting to create a car that can perform better in the dirty air created by the car in front.

As we have seen with this generation of Formula 1 cars, it can be very difficult to follow one another, restricting the amount of overtaking we see on a race-by-race basis.

“There’s a remarkable difference in the ability of one car to follow the other,” Formula 1’s managing director Ross Brawn told Sky Sports F1 back in 2019 about the new cars. “It really is going to make a change.

“When you hear the drivers talking about the tyres behaving badly, a lot of that is just the inconsistency of performance and the level of performance loss when they follow each other.

“It’ll make a dramatic difference. At the moment you almost have this protection bubble, once you go near it you can’t get any closer.”

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