Revealed: Team entry fees for the F1 2022 season

Frank Parker
Cars head to turn one on the second restart of the Saudi Arabian GP. Jeddah December 2021.

Cars head to turn one on the second restart of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Jeddah December 2021.

The F1 2022 team entry fees have been revealed with Constructors’ Champions Mercedes picking up a £3.5m bill.

Mercedes bagged a record-breaking eighth consecutive Constructors’ Championship, but were unable to claim the Drivers’ Championship after Lewis Hamilton lost out to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the final round of 2021.

This success means that the Brackley-based squad have a hefty £3.5m bill in order to take part in the 2022 campaign.

F1 entry fees have been a long-standing part of the sporting regulations, and due to inflation, overall costs rise each year.

However, the total amount a team needs to pay each year is dependent on their performance from the previous season.

Each team is required to pay a flat fee, plus an extra amount for each point that they score in the previous campaign.

Under the new 2022 sporting regulations, a fee of £424,650.20 is required to be paid by each of the ten teams before an extra £4,244.46. But, as Champions, Mercedes are required to pay a bit more per point increasing to £5094.82.

George Russell drives the W13 at Silverstone. February 2022

Mercedes will therefore be lumped with a total entry fee of £3,550,322.04 – a slight increase on their 2020 entry fee of £3,297,654.74.

After finishing second in the 2021 season, Red Bull are required to pay just under £3m with £2,909,779.78.

Three of the ten F1 teams competing in 2021 have had their entry fees decrease compared to the previous season.

Alpine have seen their fees reduce after, despite a victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix, finished behind McLaren and Ferrari in the standings and pay £1,082,541.50.

Aston Martin have also seen a dramatic reduction in entry fees after falling from third in the 2020 standings as Racing Point, to seventh in 2021. The British squad will have to fork out just £751,473.62.

Finally, Haas have the smallest fee of any team who scored no points in 2021 and just pay the £424,650.20.


2021 F1 season entry fees:

  • Mercedes: £3,550,322.04
  • Red Bull: £2,909,779.78
  • Ferrari: £1,797,733.01
  • McLaren: £1,591,876.70
  • Alpine: £1,082,541.50
  • AlphaTauri: £1,027363.52
  • Aston Martin: £751,473.62
  • Williams: £522,272.78
  • Alfa Romeo: £479,828.18
  • Haas: £424,650.20


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