F1 2023 struggler unsure on popularity in home nation and key market

Sam Cooper
Logan Sargeant, Williams, in the garage. November 2022. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Logan Sargeant has yet to be confirmed for the 2024 season.

Despite being the first American in the sport since 2015, Logan Sargeant feels he does not have the home crowd support having spent many years away.

As is the nature with Formula 1, if you want to make it to the top, you often have to live in Europe. Oscar Piastri, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo are examples of drivers who moved across the world to further their career, while Sargeant is another one.

The American left the States at a young age to continue his karting career and even now as F1 visits the country three times, he is not sure he has won over the home crowd just yet.

Logan Sargeant unsure of popularity within American F1 fans

For a country that has been given three races in a single season, it is clear there is a huge F1 interest in the US but they have yet to find someone to root for. Haas brand themselves as the American team but many feel disappointed that much of their productions takes place in the UK and Italy.

While Sargeant has been labelled as America’s poster boy but even he feels he does not have that big of a following in his home country,

“The popularity of Formula 1 is growing rapidly in America,” the 22-year-old told FORMULE 1 Magazine. “We have three races there this year, which I think is very cool. Miami was special, especially for me as an American.

“I’m curious to see what it will be like in Austin and Las Vegas, but I expect a lot from it. The drivers parade in Miami was very special for me, to be able to present myself to the American fans for the first time. I am becoming a bit better known in America, yes. But how well known is difficult for me to say. After all, I’m not there that often, I’m in London all the time.”

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Sargeant is the only driver on the grid without a deal for next year and is facing increasing pressure on his seat after a run of poor performances. Sargeant noted that the pressure felt “different” and acknowledged he had less time to improve.

“Formula 1 has met all my expectations so far. The cars are of course very special. There is always pressure, no matter what class you end up in. But the pressure is different.

“You have to improve yourself quickly and continuously, figure out how to do it, learn to stand on your feet quickly and ensure that you become a keeper. Because that is the ultimate goal. To be honest, the media and marketing obligations were a bit overwhelming at first. But that is also getting better.”

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