F1 2024 entry fees: Huge cost behind Red Bull’s mighty season now revealed

Henry Valantine
Max Verstappen performs doughnuts in Abu Dhabi.

Max Verstappen said goodbye to the most dominant season ever seen in F1 with some doughnuts in Abu Dhabi.

The full extent of what Red Bull will have to pay to the FIA to enter the F1 2024 season has now been finalised, with a huge total now confirmed.

Red Bull will have to shell out a huge $7,445,817 [£5,898,390] in entry fees alone to the FIA, because of how the sport’s entry fee system is structured – almost 10 times what Haas will be paying to be on the grid next year.

Along with a base entry fee, teams pay a set fee per point to get themselves on the grid, and with Red Bull scoring 860 of them and the inflated fee for their status as Constructors’ Championship winners, a big cheque will need writing to the FIA.

F1 2024 entry fees confirmed with Red Bull paying more than double anyone else

Additional reporting by Thomas Maher

The entry fees for the F1 2024 season were announced in October with a 6.5% increase for the teams to pay based on inflation, and now that the points totals have been finalised, each amount the teams will have to hand over to the FIA has now been calculated.

Red Bull will have to pay more than double nearest rivals Mercedes’ total, with the Silver Arrows set to pay $3,347,012 to race next season, and while Red Bull team boss Christian Horner knows it’s a lot of money for the team to fork out, he acknowledged the huge amount of work that has gone into a record-breaking year.

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“I think Max and the team this year, the standard that we’ve been able to hit, to win 21 out of 22 races, to have led with Max over 1000 laps out of 1300 or so, to have broken so many records, I think he’s hit yet another level,” Horner told media including PlanetF1.com in Abu Dhabi.

“But I think the way that the team has operated across 22 different circuits, or certainly 21 of them, operationally, reliability wise, performance wise, everybody’s done their part.

“All the men and women behind the scenes back in Milton Keynes, all the operational staff, everybody has done their bit and contributed to what we’ve seen in what will surely go down as one of the, or certainly currently, the most dominant season ever seen in Formula 1.”

F1 2024 entry fees by team

  1. 1.Red Bull: $7,445,817 [860 points*]
  2. 2. Mercedes: $3,347,012 [409 points]
  3. 3. Ferrari: $3,327,287 [406 points]
  4. 4. McLaren: $2,643,487 [302 points]
  5. 5. Aston Martin: $2,498,837 [280 points]
  6. 6. Alpine: $1,446,837 [120 points]
  7. 7. Williams: $841,937 [28 points]
  8. 8. AlphaTauri: $822,212 [25 points]
  9. 9. Alfa Romeo: $763,037 [16 points]
  10. 10. Haas: $736,737 [12 points]

*Red Bull pay $7893 per point as Constructors’ champions, with other teams paying $6575 per point on top of the $657,837 base F1 entry fee.

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