F1 2024 cars: What name has each team given their chassis for the 2024 season?

Sam Cooper
McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Some F1 teams follow traditional names and others not so much.

While we are still deep into the F1 2023 season, plenty of teams will be working on next year’s car and some have already given them a name.

Naming conventions in F1 go from the straightforward to the Ferrari – with some choosing to follow a simple pattern and others less so.

While we have already recapped just how teams tend to name their car, we are looking ahead to what the 2024 cars are going to be called with both confirmed names and predicted ones.

Alfa Romeo/Sauber – C44 (expected)

We will kick this list off with one of the easier cars to predict and easily the most sentimental.

Since their first entry of C12, Sauber have been using the C prefix for every model and what does it stand for? Christine, of course, which is the name of founder Peter Sauber’s wife.

As Alfa stop sponsoring the team and it reverts back to Sauber ahead of Audi’s arrival, it is suspected they will continue with this tradition which means 2024’s car should be called the C44.

Alpine – A524

Now we arrive at the first confirmed name on our list with Alpine keeping their pattern and going for the A524.

There is a simple reasoning behind it with the cars being a mix of A500, the name of the F1 project, and the year.

AlphaTauri – Unknown

The hardest name to predict on this list is AlphaTauri who according to Helmut Marko will not even be called that in 2024.

It is set to be quite the year for the Italian team with their process moving closer to Red Bull’s and confirmation that AlphaTauri, the name of their clothing line, will be dropped.

Convention has previously had the names as the initials of the team followed by the model number (i.e STR1 for Scuderia Toro Rosso and AT01 for AlphaTauri).

If they stick with this then logic would suggest that whatever the team is called next year will also form part of the car’s name so in a hypothetical world that Hugo Boss did become a title sponsor, it would look something like HB01.

Aston Martin – AMR24 (expected)

It is straightforward for Lawrence Stroll and co. with the 2023 car set to be called the AMR24. This stands for Aston Martin Racing 2024.

That was the same pattern for the team’s first car in 2021 and Racing Point before that followed a similar convention (RP19 etc.)

Ferrari – SF-24 (expected)

When it comes to Ferrari, you would be better off throwing a dartboard made up of letters and numbers then trying to predict what might come next.

If they are following their naming convention they have used since 2015 then it should be the SF-24 but Ferrari are known to love a special name.

2022’s car was named the F1-75 in tribute to Enzo Ferrari firing up the first F1 car, the 125 S, in March 1947, 75 years beforehand so do not rule out the fact that 2024 marks 85 years since the Ferrari brand was launched as a potential name change candidate.

Haas – VF-24 (expected)

The origins of Haas’ car name date back to their owner, Gene Haas and his early business days.

In 1988, Haas Automation manufactured their first CNC machine which they named the VF-1, with the V standing for vertical which is the industry standard designation for a vertical mill and the F-1 added by Haas to unofficially designate it as the ‘Very First One’.

As a result, Haas F1 kept that tradition with the VF-16 combining the VF-1 with the year (2016) it was launched. That style has remained ever since with 2023’s car set to be called the VF-24.

McLaren – MCL37/38 (expected)

McLaren broke the norm in 2023 when they decided to call their car the MCL60 in recognition of it being 60 years since Bruce McLaren founded the team.

But before that, they had been using MCL followed by the chassis number since Ron Dennis left the team meaning we can predict they will go with the MCL37 for 2024. Should McLaren decide to skip a number though with the MCL60 taking its place, 2024’s car could be the MCL38.

Mercedes – W15 

Mercedes are another team who like to keep it straightforward with a simple convention of W for Wagen meaning car in German.

When they returned to the grid in 2010 they opted for 01 as it was the first car developed in Brackley and have followed that pattern ever since.

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Red Bull – RB20 (expected)

Red Bull are another who keep it simple with RB for Red Bull and then the model number meaning the 2024 car should be the RB20 but a slight doubt could be if the team choose to honour their 20th season in F1.

Interestingly though, there was no RB17 with Red Bull opting to use the same chassis for 2021 as they did in 2020 and therefore naming the later version the RB16B. When it came to naming the 2022 car, they decided to skip RB17 as they wanted to continue the trend of naming the cars in line with their season of competition.

Williams – FW46 (expected)

The 1978 was the first time the Williams team designed their own car and it was called the FW06, taking owner Frank Williams’ initials and was the sixth car to be designed by the legendary motorsport figure.

The Williams team have occasionally added letters on the end to signal variants of the same model but by and large have gone from six onwards. Even after the Williams team was sold to Dorilton Capital in August 2020, the cars continued to follow this pattern with 2024’s edition expected to be called the FW46.

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