F1 defends crash replays after Ricciardo criticism

Mark Scott
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo would prefer Le Mans entry to Indy.

Formula 1 has said every measure was taken to ensure everyone was safe from the Romain Grosjean crash before airing any replay footage.

Daniel Ricciardo was left “disgusted” with what he felt was “disrespectful” TV coverage in the aftermath of Grosjean’s shocking accident on the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

There was a lengthy red flag delay as repair work was carried out on the barrier which Grosjean went straight through, splitting his car in half and sending it up into a sudden ball of flames.

Most of that air time was filled with replays of the crash and Ricciardo was not happy to see it over and over again, especially with what was still a full race ahead for the rest of the grid whilst Grosjean was airlifted to hospital – thankfully with just minor injuries.

Formula 1 has now responded to Ricciardo’s complaints and placed on record that they ensured everybody involved, from Grosjean to the medical teams and marshals, were all ok before deciding to show any footage of the horrific incident.

“Firstly, at F1 this isn’t about entertainment and a few procedures and protocols are in place before any decision to run a replay is made,” A spokesperson said via Autosport.

“Following an accident all onboards, helicopter feeds etc are cut. There is direct comms between race control and the broadcast centre.

“No footage is shown until there is confirmation that the driver is OK. On this occasion at this point F1 showed Romain with the ambulance, helmet off and walking with aid.

“No replays of an accident are shown until there is approval and confirmation from race control/FIA that all persons are safe – driver, marshals and doctors. Replays then started.

“The context of what a viewer sees and hears with the commentary is important, with them talking about the safety of Romain, the halo, FIA safety improvements, and updates from the medical centre.

“There is constant dialogue between F1, FIA, race control, and sound judgement on viewers, families and those affected.”

Grosjean is thankfully in good spirits since the crash and sent a short message via his hospital bed to let everyone know he is ok.

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