Bin Las Vegas, keep Monaco and more F1 tracks analysed by the fans

Henry Valantine
Las Vegas and Monaco have divided opinion among F1 fans.

Las Vegas and Monaco have divided opinion among F1 fans.

We spoke to F1 fans and asked for their opinions on high-profile circuits, and got their views about whether or not certain tracks should stay or go from the calendar.

The video, released through On Track GP, was taken at the recent Autosport International show in Birmingham, where our presenters were on the ground and speaking to F1 fans on a variety of subjects.

This time around, our own Sam Cooper and a selection of F1 fans were among those spoken to about the future of a selection of circuits – and what they would like to see happen.

Keep Monaco but lose Las Vegas? F1 fans have their say

Street circuits are increasingly becoming a part of F1 furniture but the sport’s jewel in the crown, Monaco, has come under increased scrutiny about whether the cars have outgrown the streets of the Principality.

In speaking to our selection of fans in a snap poll for a selection of circuits, the question was simple: Keep or bin?

For Monaco, it was 5-3 in favour of keeping it on the calendar, with one fan saying: “You’ve got to keep it, surely”, with another who put it in the ‘Bin’ category caveating it by adding: “If the cars were smaller, keep it.”

Our journalist Sam Cooper added: “I think Monaco has a place.”

When presenter Joe Ashman challenged it and said that qualifying Saturday is entertaining while the racing often underwhelms, Sam responded: “I just take Monaco for what it is. I appreciate it’s not the best race, Saturdays are better.” recommends

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For Las Vegas, the results were fairly emphatic the other way – granted, not with the largest sample size, with ‘bin’ coming out 7-2 on top.

Qatar caused several problems for the drivers in 2023, with the sheer heat prompting exhaustion among the field – as well as mandated tyre stints due to the concerns around the kerbs at Lusail.

But with a later date for this year’s race and the layout, fans actually voted to keep it – though one fan added: “For the drivers I’d say bin, because they all seem to struggle, don’t they?”

Silverstone and Abu Dhabi were also discussed by our group of interviewees, but we’ll leave those results to the imagination until you watch the video.

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