Join the F1 Fantasy league ahead of the 2024 season!

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen celebrates

Max Verstappen is the most expensive driver in the game but you can’t leave him out right?

The Formula 1 2024 season is almost upon us and as teams take to the track for their first pre-season test, it is time for you to become team principals.

F1 Fantasy is open and to celebrate the launch, has created its own featured league meaning you can see how you compare against our writers and other readers.

It’s easy to play and even easier to join as all you have to do is click this link and you will be automatically added to our league.

How do I play F1 Fantasy?

F1 Fantasy is easy to play and allows users to create up to three teams consisting of five drivers and two constructors. But before you start filling your team with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, you are limited to a $100 million budget meaning you have to think a little creatively.

Drivers and teams will then score points depending on how they perform during a race weekend and you can find exactly what wins, and losses, you points here.

Each week you can also select a driver to receive a DRS Boost which means they will get double points for that weekend.

During the season, you also have the opportunity to play chips if your team is in need of a pick me up. Each chip will suit different situations throughout the season. Whether it’s helping you to make wholesale changes to your line-up or giving one driver a huge x3 score multiplier there’s a chip that can help. There are six chips available but each one can only be used once during the season and you can only use one per race, so choose carefully.

Transfers are also key and you can make two free swaps each week if your team is in need of shakeup. Any more than two and you will begin eating into your points total.

Join the official league by clicking this link.