F1 to take control of Monaco broadcasting as part of new agreement

Sam Cooper
Start of the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, April 2023.

Start of the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, April 2023.

PlanetF1.com understands Formula 1 will take control of broadcasting for the Monaco Grand Prix starting with next weekend’s race.

Monaco, billed as the ‘Crown Jewel’ in the F1 calendar, has long had a unique relationship with the sport notably in terms of the money it pays to host a race but also its broadcasting arrangement.

Traditionally, race broadcasts are the responsibility of F1, explaining why there is a unified approach country to country, but Monaco has always broadcast its race through Tele Monte Carlo.

PlanetF1.com understands that will now change from the 2023 race onwards after Formula 1 agreed a new deal with the Automobile Club of Monaco signed last year.

As part of the agreement, broadcasting duties will transfer to F1 who control much of the operations from their Biggin Hill base just outside of London.
Changes to Monaco’s deal in the past would have seemed a non-starter, such was the prestige and power the event had, but Formula 1 has seemingly made it known that the Monte Carlo track’s place in the calendar is not as certain as it once was.

With complaints over poor racing due to the size of the modern cars and the narrow streets where the race takes place, Monaco has often become a procession that is largely decided during Saturday’s qualifying.

There have also been recent complaints about the broadcasting of the race such as during the 2021 edition when the cameras cut away from an on-track battle to a replay of Lance Stroll going over a corner.

This year’s event could have a greater significance than usual with many teams planning on bringing upgrades to the now-cancelled Imola GP. The race in Italy was called off due to severe flooding in the area meaning that constructors such as Mercedes will be forced to test their new parents around the streets of Monte Carlo.

The Silver Arrows confirmed that the upgrades would feature in Monaco with Duncan Elliot, the Brackley squad’s head of composite design, saying time is of the essence.

“It’s fair to say the car is constantly evolving,” he said in a video on Mercedes’ official YouTube channel.

“In addition to the underlying development rate of the car there are also events specific developments that we target such as the low downforce rear wing for events such as Spa.

“It’s fair to say that the development direction can also change and try to ensure that we always achieve maximum performance.

“We work closely with the aero group to optimise the solution ahead of the final release. We then work closely with manufacturing to ensure we achieve the best quality components.

“The biggest challenge is always time, the quicker you can go from the tunnel to the track and positively impact the race weekend, the better.”