Fernando Alonso called out as surprise Red Bull candidate discussed – F1 news round-up

Henry Valantine
A split image of Fernando Alonso and Alex Albon. F1 news.

A split image of Fernando Alonso and Alex Albon.

Today’s F1 news selection has been an eclectic mix, as we have now officially crossed the halfway point of the summer break.

While the drivers are enjoying their time away from the sport, there are still rumblings going on in the background for us to share with you as Formula 1 takes a breather.

With that, here’s our pick of the F1 news to emerge from Monday.

Fernando Alonso called out for McLaren behaviour in first spell

All those familiar with the first season Fernando Alonso spent with McLaren will know that it did not end happily for either party, with the then-reigning World Champion leaving after just one season as a rookie Lewis Hamilton fought him tooth and nail and in-team politics ran riot throughout 2007.

But McLaren’s former trainer, Gerry Convy, took to Instagram to accuse Alonso of showing “how not to be a team player” by not turning up to a team building trip to Finland when Hamilton did so.

Adding on to his initial comments, Convy wrote: “This set the tone for the season and the rest is history. No one is bigger than your team or organisation.”

No love lost there, seemingly.

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Red Bull would be ‘stupid’ to ignore Alex Albon as potential candidate

Having opted to pick Sergio Perez to replace Alex Albon for the 2021 season at Red Bull, On Track GP’s Richard Bradley believes that the reigning World Champions would be “stupid” to overlook the performances he has put in at Williams and ignore him as a potential candidate to return to the team.

It would mark a sensational comeback if that were to transpire, with Albon having been demoted to reserve driver after following in Pierre Gasly’s footsteps in struggling to match Max Verstappen in the same machinery, but in discussing his season so far, 2015 Le Mans winner Bradley believes Albon would be a much different proposition now compared to his first stint at Red Bull.

“The difference is with Alex now compared to the Alex that we had when he was at Red Bull initially, was that you could see a couple of times him buckling under pressure,” Bradley said on the latest episode of the On Track GP Podcast.

“But there’s been lots of times that he’s been under extreme pressure in this Williams, i.e. we look at Canada, and he’s handled every single one of those times exceptionally well.

“So I think he’s got to be in the conversation with the big teams. And to be honest with you, he’s probably in a position where it’s not just one of the big teams looking at him. It’s probably all of them.”

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Pundit claims Yuki Tsunoda ‘in a bit of trouble’ with Daniel Ricciardo arrival

Yuki Tsunoda has a new team-mate to contend with at AlphaTauri now that Daniel Ricciardo is back on the Formula 1 grid, and the pressure placed upon him could mean he is “in a bit of trouble” to keep his seat, according to F1 mechanic turned pundit Marc Priestley.

“I think you put the two of them next to each other on a clear bit of track in the same car, I think Daniel Ricciardo is showing signs of winning every time and that’s got to be a worry for Tsunoda,” Priestley told the BBC’s Chequered Flag podcast.

“You know how brutal that Red Bull family can be if you’re not living up to expectations so that’s one to keep an eye on in the second half of the season.”

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Charles Leclerc admits surprise at Max Verstappen’s margin over Sergio Perez

The advantage Max Verstappen has had over Sergio Perez – and the rest of the field, for that matter – has been enormous at times in the 2023 season, and this has come as a shock to Charles Leclerc, given how fast he knows Perez is.

“I think Max is a great driver, but at the same time there are many who cannot explain such a wide margin between him and Checo,” Leclerc admitted in an interview with the Italian edition of Motorsport.com.

“Personally I think it is impossible to read the situation well from the outside, only inside the team do they know exactly everything.”

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W Series’ astonishing debt revealed after administration

The troubled W Series went into administration and looks unlikely to return any time soon, with the F1 Academy having been brought onto the calendar as the all-female feeder series for Formula 1.

But unfortunately, there are still a lot of people left to pay off for the series, and the debt is high as individual people, circuits, Formula 1 themselves and the UK tax office are all owed very large sums.

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