Charles Leclerc shares information on Carlos Sainz’s F1 future – F1 news round-up

Henry Valantine
Carlos Sainz appears prominently in the F1 news.

Carlos Sainz might be "jobless", as he put it, for next year currently, but Charles Leclerc doesn't think he's out of demand.

Tuesday’s F1 news sees Charles Leclerc make a prediction about how many people are in touch with Carlos Sainz, and plenty more from the paddock.

With lots to delve into from the day, let’s not waste your time any more than we have to – let’s get straight into the round-up of Tuesday’s best headlines.

F1 news – Charles Leclerc on Carlos Sainz’s future and more

‘Many team principals’ are ‘for sure’ speaking to Carlos Sainz

While he is not contracted to a seat for next year yet, his win at the weekend was a reminder what kind of driver teams would be getting if Carlos Sainz were to sign with them in 2025.

And in placing lavish praise on his current team-mate, Charles Leclerc thinks negotiations have already started up and down the grid with the Spaniard.

“I think everybody knows Carlos’ worth in the paddock,” Leclerc said.

“He’s one of the highest-rated drivers in the paddock, and he’s been extremely strong every time he was in a Formula 1 car, and he has shown it multiple times. So I don’t think he’s underrated for that.

“I think everybody knows Carlos’ worth, and that’s why I’ve said many times that I’m not too worried about his future, because I’m sure that many, many team principals are… He doesn’t say it, but for sure they are speaking with him!

“And I’m sure he will have many opportunities and he’ll just have to make the best choice for his career.”

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Brembo clarify issue that caused Max Verstappen retirement

Brake manufacturers Brembo believe the issue that caused Max Verstappen’s retirement on Sunday may have been setup-related.

n a statement to, Brembo stated the cause of the problems encountered by Max Verstappen is “not attributable” to their materials or components, nor to component anomalies or a malfunction in the materials used to make the components.

As a result, the issue is most likely to have stemmed from a set-up choice made by Red Bull regarding the configuration of how to run the brakes, meaning there is “no direct Brembo responsibility” for the problem, however, this has not yet been confirmed by Red Bull.

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Yuki Tsunoda a wanted man for 2025 already?

Having got off to a flying start to the 2025 season, Yuki Tsunoda has been “faultless”, according to Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko.

As a result, he is already beginning to raise eyebrows around the paddock, having been in excellent form in the past few races and in need of a contract for 2025.

“Franz Tost and I have always believed in him, his speed has always been beyond doubt for us,” Marko wrote for Speedweek.

“His problems were lack of control, outbursts and a tendency to make mistakes. All that is gone this season.

“Yuki came to Europe very young and that is very, very hard for a Japanese. It’s a completely different life with us, but now things are going well and Yuki is being recognised on the driver market.”

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Fernando Alonso wore his ‘saintly halo’ after stewards visit

Fernando Alonso pleaded his innocence before being given a post-race penalty of 20 seconds after the Australian Grand Prix, but Martin Brundle pointed out a moment when the two-time World Champion had done the same thing, a couple of decades ago.

Brundle wrote on his post-race Sky Sports column: “Russell was obviously pushing hard to be in range for a double dose of DRS assistance down the next two straights, and you never head into a corner making a speed reduction just in case the driver ahead has, or creates, an unexpected deceleration. You’re not a racing driver if you do.

“Alonso popped his saintly halo on and went to see the Race Stewards, explaining how he intended to approach Turn Six differently for a better exit speed which included decelerating 100 metres earlier, brushing the brake, and even a downshift.

“This is what caught Russell out. We’ve seen Alonso do that before in Nurburgring in 2003 against David Coulthard, and he had exactly the same playbook. Except this time, it caused a huge amount of costly damage for a team who could well be on his wish list.”

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Freaky commentator’s curse discovered as George Russell crashes

In a coincidental piece of footage circulated on social media, Sky Sports’ David Croft was saying the exact same phrase while Carlos Sainz was leading on the final lap of both the Singapore and Australian Grands Prix, and at the exact same point, the camera cut to George Russell crashing out of both races.

Croft jokingly apologised for ‘his part’ in cursing the Mercedes driver, saying: “Oh dear, has the commentators curse struck again?!!! I’m so sorry George.

“Got to say though I’m impressed with the research here!”

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