Red Bull junior called out as Max Verstappen makes Vegas feelings clear – F1 news round-up

Henry Valantine
Max Verstappen, F1 news

Max Verstappen made his feelings known on Las Vegas ahead of the race this weekend.

Build-up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix is in full swing, but Max Verstappen isn’t fully sold on it – that’s part of today’s F1 news.

Alpine launched a slightly tweaked version of their livery for the race this weekend as race preparations ramp up, while others are more than likely to follow suit as F1 heads to Nevada.

But with anticipation building ahead of Formula 1’s nights under the lights at the weekend, here is what some of the key players have had to say so far.

Max Verstappen not the biggest fan of idea of Las Vegas GP

Along with his disdain of the F1 Sprint format, Max Verstappen hasn’t quite got his head into the idea of racing around Las Vegas just yet.

He admitted he has spent plenty of time finding the walls while trying to learn the circuit on the Formula 1 game, but when it comes to racing this weekend, he will do what he can to win – though the race itself isn’t quite his cup of tea.

“First of all, I think we are there more for the show than the racing itself if you look at the layout of the track,” Verstappen said.

“But you know, I’m actually not that into it. I’m more like, I’ll go there and do my thing and be gone again.”

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Red Bull junior in hot water after ignoring black flags

Red Bull junior driver Enzo Deligny was filmed ignoring a black flag, for disqualification, during the Spanish Formula 4 finale in Barcelona on Sunday.

Having already performed enough dangerous moves to get himself disqualified from the race, he would then ignore black flags altogether and take multiple restarts after Safety Car periods to try and continue.

This has led to calls from some fans for him to receive a ban, with an alarming display of driving on show over the weekend.

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Jenson Button predicts future ‘upset’ in F1

2009 World Champion Jenson Button believes Red Bull and Max Verstappen might not have things all their own way next season, as the regulations remain stable and the field potentially converges.

Christian Horner admitted the team’s returns will diminish on the current concept as they reach the top of the curve on it, and Button believes there could be a mix up in the order next season.

“Max has had that little advantage, but his team-mate hasn’t, so we could have an upset next year,” Button told Sky Sports News.

“I don’t think it’s going to be all Red Bull’s way. This year was an exceptional year for that team, and I don’t feel it will be the same next year, which is what the sport needs. We need a little bit of a mix up.”

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FIA right of review procedure set to be shortened

Haas lodged a right of review procedure into the result of the United States Grand Prix, but reports claim that the FIA are set to reduce the window in which teams are allowed to appeal results moving forward.

Teams are currently allowed 14 days to appeal results, but this looks set to reduce to 96 hours, or four days, or up to 120 hours, or five days, in ‘exceptional circumstances’ in Formula 1.

A €6000 fee is also set to be introduced for those who lodge appeals to the FIA for their time, which will only be refunded if appeals are upheld – though these reports are yet to be confirmed.

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Haas split car setup for Las Vegas with ‘nothing to lose’

Reverting to an older setup worked for Aston Martin in Brazil, so Haas will be trying the same thing with Nico Hulkenberg in Las Vegas.

Guenther Steiner explained of the decision: “The main drive behind this was Nico feels that for him the old spec suits him better, and Kevin is the opposite. We’ve opted to give them what they want, we have two races to go and nothing to lose, so we’ve tried to do what we can.

“We could discuss gathering data, but we’ve got enough data, it’s a decision based on what each driver likes more than anything else. It puts them in a comfortable position so that they’re as happy as they can be with the car they get.”

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