Carlos Sainz and Red Bull plot twist uncovered and Williams’ ‘major coup’ – F1 news round-up

Henry Valantine
Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 2024 Chinese Grand Prix. F1 news

Carlos Sainz is not yet sure where his next move in Formula 1 will be.

Carlos Sainz has been in the F1 news headlines on Wednesday, with his future still up in the air beyond the end of the 2024 season.

Where he will end up next is one of the key puzzle pieces left to fall into place for next year after the confirmation Sergio Perez will continue at Red Bull, so let’s dive into Wednesday’s headlines.

F1 news: Could Williams land Carlos Sainz next year?

Sky Sports F1’s lead commentator David Croft has narrowed Carlos Sainz’s choices down to Williams and Audi, following talks with his camp – and of the two, he believes the Grove-based team will win out in negotiations.

“Personally, hand on heart, I think he’ll go to Williams,” Croft told the Sky Sports F1 podcast. “I think that is where Carlos Sainz is heading because he can see what’s in front of him with Williams.

“He probably can’t see the Audi vision at the moment because there’s not much to tell. They haven’t taken over at Sauber, they are building power units, but that’s it.

“And if James Vowles gets him, then fair play to James Vowles. Last year, I said he was my team principal of the year. I might have to put him put him in the shortlist for 2024 as well because that [would be] a major coup and a brilliant driver line-up that could power that team for many years to come.”

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Christian Horner ‘clear winner’ at Red Bull after new Perez deal

Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reported that the negotiations between Carlos Sainz and Red Bull, prior to the news Sergio Perez renewed with the team, switched from Helmut Marko to Christian Horner.

“Interestingly, the point of contact Sainz’s negotiators had with Red Bull changed from Dr Helmut Marko to Christian Horner himself,” he said.

“Now, is that a sign potentially, that if there had been this internal power struggle at Red Bull, that Christian Horner has clearly emerged as the winner here?

“Checo Perez, amongst other things, had been staunchly loyal to Christian Horner through all his issues at the start of this year. I think it certainly is a Christian Horner choice, that is clear.

“Maybe if Dr Marko had had the casting vote here, might someone else have been in that seat opposite Verstappen? Who knows. But continuity it is.”

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Rest in peace, Parnelli Jones

Former Formula 1 team owner and American racing legend, Parnelli Jones, has passed away at the age of 90.

Jones was the first driver in history to top the 150mph average four-lap speed in qualifying for the Indianapolis 500, but beyond that, he will also be remembered for his years in Formula 1 as a team owner and much, much more besides.

Our US Editor, Elizabeth Blackstock, has taken a look back at his life and career.

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Several countries wanting to join F1 calendar

Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei has said both South Korea and Thailand are making a “big push” to join the Formula 1 calendar in future, or rejoin in the case of South Korea, with Indonesia having also shown interest in joining in the past.

He told Tom Clarkson on the Beyond the Grid podcast: “We went a long way down the road with South Africa. We were not able to put that deal together, we were not able to make that work, but continue to look.

“There’s a lot of demand in other places, including Southeast Asia, a big push by South Korea, a big push by Thailand. Indonesia has had interest at various times.”

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Set your watches if you enjoy reading regulations!

Yes, the highly-anticipated F1 2026 regulations will be coming to light on Thursday afternoon in Europe, with the FIA announcing they will be officially unveiled at 3.30pm CEST [2.30pm UK].

This is a big step for the FIA and Formula 1 as the sport goes about a massive change in the chassis and power unit regulations, which will define how the cars look and sound for the years to come.

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