F1 Testing 2024: All the action as it happened from Day 2 in Bahrain

F1 testing 2024 day 2 live blog.

Follow all the action with us from the second day of pre-season testing from Bahrain.

Thursday in Bahrain saw the second day of F1 Testing 2024. Catch up with all the latest action as it happened on the penultimate day of on-track running.

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Main headlines: Sergio Perez brakes catch fire in pit lane during morning and tech issue in afternoon, red flag halfway through morning session due to loose drain cover, evening session was extended to over five hours to make up for lost time.

F1 Testing 2024 timings – Day 2

Last updated at 1910
Laps in brackets

1 Carlos SAINZ Ferrari 1:29.921 (84)
2 Sergio PEREZ Red Bull Racing +0.758 (129)
3 Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes +1.145 (123)
4 Lando NORRIS McLaren +1.335 (52)
5 Daniel RICCIARDO RB +1.440 (88)
6 Charles LECLERC Ferrari +1.829 (54)
7 Lance STROLL Aston Martin +2.108 (96)
8 Esteban OCON Alpine +2.140 (78)
9 Valtteri BOTTAS Kick Sauber +2.306 (97)
10 Oscar PIASTRI McLaren +2.407 (35)
11 Logan SARGEANT Williams +2.657 (117)
12 Fernando ALONSO Aston Martin +3.132 (31)
13 ZHOU Guanyu Kick Sauber +3.794 (38)
14 Pierre GASLY Alpine +3.883 (33)
15 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team +6.690 (93)
16 Nico HULKENBERG Haas F1 Team +7.588 (31)
17 Yuki TSUNODA RB +8.153 (40)
18 Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing – No time set
19 Alexander ALBON Williams – No time set
20 George RUSSELL Mercedes – No time set

F1 Testing 2024 live updates (local time):

Session times (local time): 1000-1255 [morning session], 1400-1910 [extended afternoon session]

1910: That’s in then with the day over. Sainz leads the times while Sergio Perez has punt in a massive 129 laps with his quickest being good enough for P2. Hamilton in P3 and be sure to join us tomorrow for the third and final day of the test. Thanks for staying with us!

1904: We have a practice start! But unfortunately it’s just one by one as the drivers depart.

1857: Red flag! But do not worry for it was planned and is a test.

1845: 25 minutes left in the session now with the extra chunk for some good ol’ FIA procedure tests.

1837: The Mexican goes into P2 with a time of 1:30.684.

1832: Perez is onto some new tyres so we could be seeing a new leader…

1820: Hamilton wrestling with a bit of oversteer there as he heads into the pits.

1816: A bit quicker there from Hamilton as he moves up to P2 meanwhile Ricciardo who opens the DRS as he launched into Turn 1.

1804: If you are familiar with the Ghostbusters movie franchise, Perez’s RB20 looks like it has been slimed given the huge amount of flow-vis paint down the sidepod.

1802: Speaking of changes in the commentary box, Sam Cooper is here to take you through the final hour (and a bit) of Day 2.

1800: Esteban Ocon has just crept into the top 10 with his latest C3 run. Lots of race simulations happening elsewhere as we approach the final hour and 10 minutes of this extended session.

1745: You can see the confirmed team right here.Away from the track, Sky F1 have confirmed their 16-strong line-up for the F1 2024 season.

1729: BREAKING NEWS! AN OVERTAKE HAS HAPPENED! Perez gets into the slipstream of Bottas and dips down the inside at Turn 1. That has whetted the appetite for next week!

1713: Sergio Perez is back out on track again for what he hopes will be an interruption-free final part of today’s session. A small brake fire this morning has been followed up with some technical gremlins later this afternoon.

1704: Alex Albon popped into the F1 TV commentary booth and was grilled on his F1 future with Williams as a surprise seat at Mercedes opens up:

Albon said: “No it’s not (a distraction). That’s why people have managers. It’s to take all that noise away from you.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what sport you do, it’s all about performance. So as much as there is talk around what everyone’s doing and where everyone’s going, your performance in the present is actually all that matters.

“All the conversations and the positive noise is a result of that. So you’ve got to ignore it and focus on the job that you’re doing and hope your manager is good.”

1645: As the sun continues to set in Sakhir, the pace is ramping up. Sainz has dipped below the 1:30 barrier and punched in a 1:29.921 on the C4 tyre.

1621: This is probably the longest lap ever of Perez’s life as he creeps, crawls and uses the downhill to make his way into the pits and the Red Bull garage.

1619: Problems for Perez who is slowly touring the circuit. He’s off the racing line and keeps looking down at his steering wheel.

1615: There’s still almost three hours of play left today so Sainz’s soft tyres ran came very early and in the heat. Will be interesting to see if anyone goes for it later this evening under the lights.

1610: Sainz has bolted a set of C4 Pirellis onto his SF-24, let’s see what he can do now… Fastest sector one of the day, fastest second sector… And it’s a 1:30.686 for the Spaniard. Nice one!

1600: Norris has upset the Ferrari party, up to P2 where he’s two-tenths down on Sainz’s time.

1600: Sainz has moved up into P1 with a 1:31.397 making it a Ferrari 1-2 with Leclerc 0.3s down.

1556: Hamilton is not having a great time in his W15, loads of understeer and the car is washing wide. He stays P5 as he’s half a second away from his best lap from earlier on.

1554: Hamilton’s back out on track, and oh, that was a big snap at Turn 4 and a slide for the Mercedes driver. He backs off on that one.

1552: Norris has head bobbed his way to third place, his McLaren bottoming out quite a lot.

1549: And still Ocon keeps going. Not only that, he also upped his pace on that set of C1 tyres.

1547: Ocon is heading back to the Alpine garage for a fresh set of tyres after a huge, and I mean huge, lock up killed his front right. Brave man, he’s actually continued for another lap.

1538: Sainz is closing in on team-mate Leclerc’s benchmark, as he narrows the deficit to one-tenth, while Bottas has popped up to P3, within half a second of Leclerc. Both of those laps were set on the C3s.

1522: Some movement on the leaderboard and it’s Lewis Hamilton who has shot up to P2, with a half second gap separating him and Charles Leclerc in P1.

1508: Not for the first time today (and probably not the last), Logan Sargeant has suffered a heavy lock-up at Turn 10 and had to wrestle with the car to stop himself going in a full spin. He’s back up and running now.

1500: Another hour down and it’s the same top three as we had at lunch, but Lance Stroll has stormed into fourth place on the C3 tyres.

1455: Ricciardo and Ocon have left the pits to give Perez some company. The Red Bull driver, who is on a long run, had the track to himself for a stint there.

1450: Sargeant is sitting in the pits with his Williams’ nose stripped off the car as his mechanics work on the front end. He’s up to 43 laps, 18 short of what Williams achieved on Day One.

1444: Norris is out of his McLaren, the driver and his team having a look inside his cockpit with the seatbelts seemingly their focus.

1442: Bottas up to ninth and Magnussen going P10 are the biggest changes to the top-ten since the early lunch break.

1437: The Sauber is out on track in the hands of Valtteri Bottas with the car notably more stable in the high speeds. The team, though, reportedly feels the pay-off is they’ve lost something in the slower sections.

1432: Carlos Sainz has confirmed Ferrari have put a “spare floor”, not a new one, on the SF-24 with the Spaniard revealing he saw the drain cover coming loose and went to speak to a marshal but was too late. But there is a good news about the car, he believes it’s not as wind-sensitive as last year’s car.

1430: Lap times coming from Lando Norris, who has replaced Piastri, and Magnussen. The latter is running the C3 tyre and is already a second up on Hulkenberg’s best.

1421: Hamilton is taking a battering braking into Turn 1 with his W15 bottoming out in a shower of sparks. Looks pretty but I’m sure that’s not very comfortable.

1418: Down at Haas, Kevin Magnussen is sitting in the VF-24 waiting for his first laps of the day with Hulkenberg having been in action this morning. The German was P9 and five second down.

1415: He is sparking away as he laps the circuit, the rear of that W15 sitting very low.

1410: How about this for some lovely foreshadowing…speaking of Lewis, he’s just re-emerged from the garage for his afternoon session and will no doubt be wanting to add a sizeable chunk to the 39 laps he has completed so far.

Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari boards in testing.
Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari next season, replacing Carlos Sainz.

1400: Hello and welcome back to Bahrain for this extended afternoon session. All the drain covers have been checked and are now secure so, to make up for lost time earlier, we now have a five hour and 10 minute session to look forward to this afternoon.

1255: And that is that, this session will not resume. The start of the afternoon session will move forward to 1400 local time, still running until 1900 to make up for the lost time.

1245: Still no word yet on an official restart time but the session clock is continuing to trickle down. We have 1 hour 25 minutes until the scheduled lunch break.

1235: The drain covers are now being checked across the whole circuit. This may be a good time to go pop the kettle on…

1232: Replays show that not only did Leclerc run over it, but Hamilton gave it a good smack too. Both Mercedes and Ferrari are giving their respective cars a thorough inspection as we work through this red flag period.

1227: The red flag period is continuing as a good chunk of kerb has come loose at Turn 11…and this may not be a quick fix after all. It appears it came loose after Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari ran over it.

1221: Well, well, well. We have our first red flag! Nobody has crashed, you’ll be relieved to know, but there is debris on track at Turns 1 and 8. Shouldn’t be a long stoppage.

1219: We’re into the second half of the morning session and everyone is ticking along rather nicely. Lap counts are high, apart from Sergio Perez who was forced to stay in the Red Bull garage for around 30 minutes after his brakes overheated this morning.

1150: Back on track, Alonso has just nudged himself up to P4 but is still over a second behind the pace set by Charles Leclerc, who coincidentally has just parked back up in the Ferrari garage for a little break.

1145: It’s the most wonderful time of the year for innovation and Red Bull’s ‘shark mouth’ inlets have really caught the eye during F1 Testing so far.

Our tech expert, Uros Radovanovic, has produced an excellent article explaining what a ‘shark mouth’ inlet actually is and explored the theories around its main purpose.

1130: Lewis Hamilton is in the thick of his morning programme and racking up the laps in what will be his final season with Mercedes before he joins Ferrari. Still feels weird typing that.

1120: Logan Sargeant has some fresh C4 tyres strapped on and improves his personal best by three tenths. It’s not enough to move up from P3 though.

1106: It’s been a gentle start this morning for Fernando Alonso, who only put five install laps on the board inside the first hour. However, he’s started to attack the leaderboard now with his first timed lap, which is enough to put him P5 for now.

1103: We have just been watching some on-board footage of Pierre Gasly in his new Alpine and let us tell you: it did not look pretty. He was really having to wrestle with the car in order to get it to behave properly.

1052: Leclerc continues to up the pace and pumps in a 1:31.750, despite losing time in the final sector.

1041: We have had word from Red Bull on Sergio Perez’s brake fire in the pits: “Front brakes got a bit too hot and we’re just making some corrections now before we head back out.”

…And Perez is now back out! Panic over.

1030: Another day, another bouncing Ferrari heading down the pit-lane straight. Hope Charles has some paracetamol close by in the garage.

1024: A fire always sounds dramatic, but all looks calm in the Red Bull garage. Meanwhile, Leclerc brings the early benchmark down to a 1:31.822.

1017: After Verstappen’s 140-plus laps yesterday, Perez is in the garage with a brake issue with the driver having pulled into the pits with a small fire. Red Bull are working on the car.

1015: This morning’s session will actually be four hours and 10 minutes, 10 minutes longer than initially planned, in order to put in a Safety Car test at the very end of the session.

1010: First times coming through and it’s a P1 for Charles Leclerc with a 1:37.6…now make that a 1:37.055.

1007: And here’s another one for you… when Stake-Sauber put flo-vis paint on the car, can they even see it?

1004: A few big questions that need to be answered today, and we’re not just talking about Red Bull’s pace. Can Williams improve their reliability? What about Mercedes’ pace? Who’s best of the rest, Ferrari, McLaren or Aston Martin?

1000: And we’re go for Day Two with Perez and Hamilton quickly out onto the track. Oscar Piastri too, although his McLaren must be a few kilos heavier than usual as the MCL38 has front and rear aero rakes.

0949: If you missed any of Day One’s action, it was dominated, and that’s with a capital D, by Max Verstappen who was 1.1s up on the chasing pack that was led by Lando Norris. Damon Hill summed it up…

0944: Another newcomer to the party is Lewis Hamilton, who kicks off his final pre-season as a Mercedes driver as he takes over from George Russell for Day Two.

0937: After Wednesday’s Red Bull blitz the big question is can Sergio Perez match Max Verstappen’s performance as he climbs into the RB20 for the first time today.

0930: Hello and welcome back to Bahrain…how is it day two of F1 Testing already?! The first session of the day gets underway in 30 minutes’ time, so let’s have a quick run through who you can expect to see in action today.