F1 tickets: How much will it cost F1 fans to watch a race in 2024?

Sam Cooper
F1 cars on the track.

F1 can be a very expensive sport to follow.

If you are planning a trip to an F1 race, no doubt price will be a big factor in deciding where you go.

But with F1 ticket prices continuing to rise, where offers you the best value for money and where will leave more than a small hole in your wallet?

For reference, each ticket is for all three days, with the majority of tickets listed as close to the start/finish line as possible – though more affordable options are often available at other locations around each circuit. To make life easier, we have also converted everything to British pounds so you can see more easily how they compare.

Australian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £300

A ticket in the Fangio Grandstand will cost you $580 which converts to roughly £300.

Of course, the only problem with this is getting to Australia itself with flights costing plenty should you be coming from Europe but those in New Zealand and Australia itself will find the grand prix good value for money.

Bahrain Grand Prix F1 tickets – £333

The next cheapest grand prix plays host to both pre-season testing and the opening race of the season and is at the Bahrain International Circuit in the middle of the country.

The circuit has been on the calendar since 2004, with a two-year gap from 2010 to 2012, but it is only in recent years that it took the mantle of season opener.

The first time it hosted the opening race was in 2021 when traditional hosts Australian were still dealing with the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Qatar Grand Prix F1 tickets – £400

With general admission starting at around £120 for the weekend in Lusail, Main Grandstand tickets on the pit straight in Qatar are among the least expensive of the season, at around £400 for all three days of action.

Spanish Grand Prix F1 tickets – £436

Huge portions of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya are already sold out for the Spanish Grand Prix, but three-day tickets in Grandstand G, coming out of the long right-hander of Turn 12, are available for the equivalent of £436, with more expensive options also on offer.

Canadian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £444

The cheapest North American race so far is in Canada with the Montreal venue selling tickets on the main straight for £444.

The Canadian Grand Prix first appeared on the F1 calendar in 1961 but became a permanent fixture in 1978.

Austrian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £515

The cheapest European race announced so far is to be found in the scenic countryside of Austria.

A trip to the Red Bull Ring will cost you £515 and is one of the better tracks on the calendar with plenty of fast sections and sweeping corners.

Belgian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £542

For the final race before the summer break, fans can expect to pay £542 to visit the legendary Spa circuit.

While another grandstand situated at Eau Rouge may be the more popular, you should still get some good views from the start line but, just like the Netherlands, pack plenty of waterproofs as Belgian weather can be very temperamental.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £566

If street circuits are your thing then the race in Jeddah is currently your cheapest option.

To attend all three days in the Saudi Arabian city, you are looking at around £566, making it quite a bit more expensive than the Bahrain race.

Italian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £600

Some seats on the pit straight still remain at Monza, for now, at time of updating this piece for €700 per person for a three-day ticket.

This would put fans right at the centre of the action for when the Tifosi are allowed on track at the end of the race, no doubt…

Hungarian Grand Prix F1 tickets – £620

For the penultimate race before the summer break, fans can expect to pay £620 to sit by the grid at the Hungaroring.

Given its close proximity to the city of Budapest, it is a firm favourite amongst drivers and fans alike.

Mexico City Grand Prix F1 tickets – £627

This will be the cost of tickets for anyone wanting to sit in the iconic Foro Sol stadium section in Mexico City this year, putting it firmly in the mid-table of three-day Grand Prix tickets at time of writing.

Dutch Grand Prix F1 tickets – £632

With perhaps one of the most picturesque venues given its close proximity to the beach, the Dutch Grand Prix can be a great first race for any fan.

To sit in the start/finish grandstand, it will cost you £632 but given the weather in the 2023 event, you may want to pack plenty of waterproofs.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 tickets – £757

The now-established season finale in Formula 1, to sit in the grandstand on the pit straight in Abu Dhabi will cost fans just over £750 over the course of the weekend.

Like other circuits, cheaper options are available elsewhere on track, with the North Straight Grandstand, after the exit of the Turn 5 hairpin, will cost £488 for the weekend.

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix F1 tickets – £760

With cheaper options now all sold out, the action at Imola can only be enjoyed with a three-day ticket from the starting grid, the cheapest of which coming in at €890, or £760.

Japanese Grand Prix F1 tickets – £770

With the Japanese Grand Prix set to take place in the much earlier slot of April this year, tickets are still selling fast at Suzuka.

While Grandstand tickets come out at approximately £770, there are some more affordable options for fans once they arrive at Suzuka (though getting there will not be cheap, particularly for fans based in Europe).

Three-day tickets at Grandstands L, M and N, at the daunting Spoon Curve, and Grandstand P, just after 130R, priced at what equates to approximately £109.

British Grand Prix F1 tickets – £789

The British Grand Prix organiser received plenty of backlash when they introduced ‘dynamic pricing’ for 2023 meaning that depending on what time you looked to purchase, the price could range massively.

Thankfully that does not seem to be the case for 2024 but the tickets for the host venue of the first ever grand prix are still some of the most expensive on the calendar.

To sit on the Hamilton Straight near the start line will cost £789.

Singapore Grand Prix F1 tickets – £1,070

The race that titles itself as F1’s original night race is the first to creep over the £1,000 mark with a seat in Singapore costing you 1,788 Singapore dollars.

It is still one of the better tracks on the calendar though and, as we saw in 2023, can throw up a surprise or two.

For smaller budgets, Zone 4 Walkabout tickets are on offer for approximately £249, which offers a roving view of the infield section in the second sector of the circuit.

Miami Grand Prix F1 tickets – £1,310

Miami are charging £1,310 for the privilege of sitting by the grid which is probably the most you will ever pay for a spot in the car park. From your seat, you will get a good view of the track as well as the Hard Rock Stadium which hosts the paddock on a race weekend.

Vegas may take the title for most expensive US race but Miami is not too far behind.

Sao Paulo Grand Prix F1 tickets – £1,783

With every grandstand ticket having sold out at Interlagos, anyone wanting to go and watch F1 in Brazil later this year will have to fork out for some hospitality as a minimum.

The Orange Tree Club houses the least expensive remaining tickets, with tickets also listed in the Pit Stop Club and exclusive private lounge, the Grand Prix Club.

Monaco Grand Prix – £4,000

Vegas may be taking all the expensive headlines of late but F1’s original crown jewel still packs a punch. While the American race has yet to release its prices for 2024, Monaco has set a figure of £4,000 to sit front and centre as the race gets going.

That equates to roughly £4,000 making it easily the most expensive race. For comparison, you could go to the Australian Grand Prix 13 times for that price.

Also you’d better find somewhere out of town to stay because if you are forking out four grand on tickets, the nearby hotels may now be out of your budget…

A €40 ticket is available for Thursday before the racing action gets underway, for fans who want to sample a view of the track before any action gets underway.

Prices yet to be announced

Chinese Grand Prix
Azerbaijan Grand Prix
United States Grand Prix
Las Vegas Grand Prix

We will update this article when new F1 ticket prices are released.