Fastest F1 pit stops: Red Bull underline dominance at Suzuka with new record-breaking performance

Henry Valantine
Fastest F1 pit stops 2024.

Red Bull have won the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award for the last six years.

F1 teams compete just as fiercely in the garages as they do on track, and pit stops are another way in which teams look for a marginal edge every weekend.

A huge amount of effort goes into ensuring the teams are primed to perform in every area possible, and pit stops are no exception, with times getting faster and faster after refuelling was removed from the sport.

Who holds the world record for F1 pit stops?

McLaren broke the world record for the fastest ever F1 pit stop at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, changing all four tyres on Lando Norris’ car and sending him on his way again in just 1.80 seconds.

This beat the previous benchmark set by Red Bull in the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix of 1.82s, and McLaren’s world record is arguably all the more impressive given the extra effort required to manoeuvre the bigger, heavier 18-inch wheels introduced in 2022.

What is the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award?

Introduced in 2015 from Formula 1 sponsors DHL, the Fastest Pit Stop crown rewards the teams who excel in the pit lane over the course of the season by consistently producing fast pit stops for their drivers.

The teams are ranked by their pit stop speed at every race and the quickest individual pit stops for each driver are ranked, with points awarded for the top 10 in the same fashion as they are in the Drivers’ Championship, as follows:

1st: 25
2nd: 18
3rd: 15
4th: 12
5th: 10
6th: 8
7th: 6
8th: 4
9th: 2
10th: 1

Red Bull is the undisputed king of this award, having won the crown for six years in a row – and it’s up to the rest of the field to topple their pit crew in 2024. recommends

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What are the 10 fastest pit stop times in F1 2024 so far?

Ferrari got off to a flying start in the pit lane, with their quickest stops for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz topping the standings from the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.

In Saudi Arabia, Red Bull had the quickest stop of the race – and they really needed to, as it happened as Max Verstappen came in to change tyres under the Safety Car, with teammate Sergio Perez right behind him in the pit lane as Red Bull double-stacked their cars.

In Australia, their stop for Perez was the quickest of the season at that point as their 2.10s effort beat both stops from Ferrari and kept their lead at the top of the points standings ahead of the Scuderia, with a much-improved Mercedes in third in the pit lane.

But, not content with that, Red Bull went even quicker in Japan as Max Verstappen was turned around in 2.08 seconds – a new record for the year. As an extra fillip, their 2.13-second stop for Sergio Perez was the third-quickest stop of the season so far.

Just to underline their dominance in this area, Red Bull was also extremely consistent as the second stops for both Perez and Verstappen were 2.16 and 2.17 seconds, respectively, the fourth and fifth-quickest stops of the year. No other team made an impact on the season’s top 10 in Japan.

This impressive display means Red Bull has the five fastest pitstops of the year so far, with a total of six in the top 10 – Ferrari is the interloper with positions six through nine.

On average, Red Bull’s stops were four-tenths of a second quicker than Ferrari’s, and six-tenths quicker than Mercedes’ in Japan.

Here’s the season’s top 10 in full so far:

1: Red Bull – Verstappen – Japan – 2.08s
2: Red Bull – Perez – Australia – 2.10s
3: Red Bull – Perez – Japan – 2.13s
4: Red Bull – Perez – Japan – 2.16s
5: Red Bull – Verstappen – Japan – 2.17s
6: Ferrari – Leclerc – Australia – 2.18s
7: Ferrari – Leclerc – Australia – 2.20s
8: Ferrari – Leclerc – Bahrain – 2.23s
9: Ferrari – Sainz – Bahrain – 2.27s
10: Red Bull – Verstappen – Bahrain – 2.27s

*Did not count towards DHL points standings, due to it not being the fastest stop for that individual driver in the race.

F1 2024 DHL Fastest Pit Stop standings

[Correct as of 2024 Japanese Grand Prix]

1. Red Bull – 135 points
2. Ferrari – 76 points
3. Mercedes – 56 points
4. McLaren – 39 points
5. Alpine – 34 points
6. Aston Martin – 23 points
7. RB – 19 points
8. Haas – 16 points
9. Williams – 6 points
10. Sauber – 0 points

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