Felipe Massa blasts Ferrari’s politics amidst Fernando Alonso ‘lies’

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Thumbs up from Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso as Felipe Massa walks behind him.

Felipe Massa believes Fernando Alonso wielded his power at Ferrari.

Declaring Fernando Alonso wielded his “power” at Ferrari, Felipe Massa says the way the team favoured the Spaniard was “really not comfortable” as they even lied about his work in the simulator.

Massa and Alonso were team-mates at Ferrari from 2010 to 2013 with the stats largely favouring the Spaniard.

Outqualifying Massa 59 to 18 and beating him 65 to 12 in grands prix, it was the double World Champion who led the Scuderia’s charge as he finished runner-up in the Drivers’ Championship in three of their four seasons together.

Felipe Massa accused Fernando Alonso of ‘splitting’ Ferrari

Massa, only seventh and eighth in his final two seasons with Ferrari, left the team at the end of the 2013 season to join Williams for what would be the final four years on his career.

He, however, has not forgotten how mentally draining his time was as Alonso’s teammate as the Spaniard wielded his power.

“I wanted to be in front of him, him in front of me,” he told the Track Limits podcast.

“I think Fernando, I never had any problem with him outside of the car apart from the fight that we had in 2007, I never had any problem with him. I always got on well with him as a person.

“But he was not what he was telling me. He was not what he was telling the team.

“He was always a typical way of working, using his power. He has a lot of power and he was trying to get the power he had to do everything on his side. And I think that was splitting the team in the middle.

“So this was not really great the way he was working, but he’s like that, you know? And I think the only problem with splitting the team in the middle was not good for the team.

“I think that to beat him you need to be on your day, but I was on my day in many races, but something happened that he was putting me in the difficult mental condition that I was making mistakes or maybe that something was happening that it was not great.”

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‘Something that destroys you completely mentally’

Massa’s cause wasn’t helped by Ferrari, who at the time was led by president Luca di Montezemolo.

Stating the way the team favoured Alonso made for an uncomfortable environment for himself, Massa revealed a time Di Montezemolo lied to the media about Alonso’s contribution towards the work that had been going on back in Maranello.

“It was not really very… not fair, I cannot say they did anything wrong, but the way you’re working, the way the team was looking to him, it was really not comfortable,” the 42-year-old continued.

“For example, I remember once when we started developing the simulator because Red Bull has a much better simulator, even McLaren compared to Ferrari, so we were working really, really hard on the simulator, me and him.

“Then suddenly he arrived in the middle of the season and said, ‘I don’t want to go to the simulator anymore because this doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t help anything to simulator’.

“So he’s decided to stop to work in the simulator. But I was still working also because I was not in a great shape and that season we didn’t have a good car. so I was working really, really hard.

“Then suddenly we go to Singapore, he wins the race. After the race, Montezemolo, who was our president, came out in the media to say, ‘It’s unbelievable to see Fernando, how much he works with the team, every week in the factory in the simulator, meetings every week’.

“So again, this is something that destroys you completely mentally. I mean he is this amazing driver, his talent is unbelievable but, you know, all of the other details you need, you need to have to be comfortable.”

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