Fernando Alonso on what Aston Martin need to do to become F1 World Champions

Mark Scott
Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin gear. February 2023

Two-time Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin gear. February 2023

Fernando Alonso has said it is going to take some outside-of-the-box thinking for Aston Martin to achieve their dream of winning the World Championship.

Alonso is the new man to spearhead Aston Martin towards the upper echelons of the F1 grid after jumping ship from Alpine and replacing the now-retired Sebastian Vettel.

The Spaniard knows a thing or two about winning silverware in F1 having won two World Championship titles and believes the key to success is constant evolution through creative thinking. If you stand still in F1, you will get left behind.

“We have to use our ingenuity and be creative in everything we do,” Alonso said.

“You have to reinvent yourself every season, every race, to try to outperform your competitors – this is the biggest challenge for any F1 team.

“It starts with an idea. But when will it be possible? What do you need to do to make it possible? This is what you have to keep asking yourself. This is what you have to keep working towards.

‘We have the talent in this team. When we go racing, we need to execute every race to perfection – to maximise the results from the ingenuity that has gone into the car.”

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At the age of 41 and with at least two more years in F1 to come, the obvious question to ask Alonso is whether he will be around to see any of the potential World Championship title success come to life.

But Alonso is not putting on himself through timeframes and deadlines, instead taking each moment as it comes and reacting accordingly to the situation.

He continued: “I’m not thinking about timeframes and how long it will take the team to win races. I will take it race by race, season by season. What’s important is that we keep making progress.

“We need to feel happy with each other and help each other: Aston Martin helping me to achieve the results and the targets that I have and me helping the team to progress every race, every year, to get closer and closer to the top positions.

“I will use all my experience and all my knowledge to help the team shortcut the time that is needed to become World Champions. Will I be behind the steering wheel when that time comes? Nobody knows.

“It’s impossible to predict. But what is certain is that I will try my best.”